Can I Ask a Friend to Be My MC? Here’s The Answer.

When it’s time to pick the wedding MC, some couples prefer to have someone they know as their wedding host. We understand why a friend could be a good host–a friend will you and your husband-to-be more than a hired host. A host that knows you both well will be able to add fun anecdotes here and there about your relationship during the program and make it more interesting! But before you consider one of your friends as a host, you need to check if he or she fits the requirements of being an MC. Your wedding is a formal event and you want to ensure that your friend will be able to handle the task efficiently and professionally. To determine whether your friend is a perfect fit for the role, here are some questions you should ask first.


(1) Is he or she flexible enough to handle emergencies or challenges that may happen on the spot?

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Is your friend flexible? Can he or she adjust in case of emergency situations or challenges in the middle of the program? Usually, couples look for someone who is talkative and funny, but the most important quality of a good MC is flexibility–whether he or she can play it by ear and react fast when something unexpected happens. You will never know what will happen because things don’t always go as planned.


(2) Does your friend have good time management skills?

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Time management is also a necessary skill for an MC. He or she will need to adjust the time and schedule of the on-site show depending on the situation. Even if your friend is good in creating the right atmosphere–for example, he or she can make everyone laugh–but is not mindful of the time, the program can easily drag on. You might end up spending on overtime fees. You may also need to have some bridesmaids or groomsmen as time keepers if your friend has poor time management skills.


(3) If you are asking two friends to both be your MC, are they a good pair?

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If you’re planning to have two friends as your MC, you need to consider if the are a good pair. Do they have chemistry? Do they have teamwork? Are their speaking styles in sync and can they engage in banter that feels natural? You want a pair that works well together for your wedding so that everything runs smoothly. If you’re unsure, you can also request for them to practice or rehearse a bit before the wedding. You can also encourage them to get to know each other more so they can be more comfortable with one another.


(4) Can your friend write the program draft?

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Writing the program draft can be a big headache–how do you write it and who can write it? Is your friend capable to making the script draft? If he or she can, then well and good! Another option is to hire a professional for this. However, it will come out more natural if your friend can write it himself or herself.


(5) Does your friend’s personal image match with the image you want to present to your guests?

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Does your friend’s personal image align with your and your family’s image? Your MC’s personal image is something you should also take into consideration. In a way, the MC represents not only you and your husband, but also your families. He or she carries your families’ image as well. Gestures, manner of speech, jokes, and language–these all should align with how you would also face your guests. You want to make sure your parents are happy with your MC’s personal image as well.


(6) Does your friend know you and your family well?

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Yes, this is very, very important! Your MC shouldn’t only know you, but your family as well. There may be sensitive family details that a friend will know about well enough to be able to avoid embarrassing or awkward situations. For example, what if the MC invites both parents on stage but one side of the family is made up of a single parent? Or what if the MC cracks a joke that is in bad taste for other family members? Having a close friend who knows you and your family well will lessen the possibility of these things happening. In addition, if your friend knows you and your family very well, he or she will have the ability to make the event more intimate with personal and heartfelt stories. It’s a bonus, too, if you choose an MC who is also a relative–like a cousin–or someone that everyone can easily connect too.



After all, should it be a Yes or No?

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It’s not easy to pick a friend to be an MC. It might be one way to save on wedding costs, but also consider that you can’t put too much pressure on a friend, especially if he or she has never been an MC before or isn’t experienced yet. Although you can help him or her out with rehearsals and the like, also be considerate and manage your expectations. If you want a carefree wedding banquet, hiring a professional will still be best. But if you have a friend who you’re confident with, that’s fine too. In the end, the final decision is yours.


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