Beautiful Birthstone Rings That Will Add Personality To Your Bridal Look

Wedding accessories are a must; they complete your bridal look! What kind of wedding accessories do you have in mind for your wedding day? Did you ever think about wearing your birthstone? You can add uniqueness and personality to your bridal look by confidently wearing your birthstone. Consider your birthstone for your earrings, maybe a necklace pendant, or better yet, a ring! If this has never crossed your mind, do stick around because today’s blog post will show not only you how gorgeous semi-precious stones are, but also what each one means.

Birthstones date back to ancient times. People attributed one gemstone to each of the 12 months of the year, as well as the 12 zodiac signs. Early astrologers also believed each gemstone brought healing powers or protection from evil when the people born in each respective month wear their birthstones. Many of us now know birthstones more for their aesthetics and beauty, but did you ever try to learn about their meanings and healing powers? Read on to find out and enjoy over 30 beautiful birthstone rings–we picked them out especially for you!


January – Garnet

For those born in January, garnet offers protection from nightmares and gives its wearer guidance in the night. It protects children from nightmares and can promote overall self-worth as the color red symbolizes faith, love and courage. Moreover, it  said to increase the energy levels of the heart and lungs.

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February – Amethyst

Amethyst represents royalty, passion and hope. This gem supposedly calms the spirit and helps February birthday celebrants focus. More importantly, this vibrant purple stone protects its wearers from drunkenness, arthritis and illness. For relationships, amethyst helps in overcome difficulty and strengthens love.


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March – Aquamarine

With it’s light blue color, people from ancient times believed that aquamarine, birthstone of March protected seafarers. Today, aquamarine is known to boost love, youth, good health and overall happiness. It also protects pregnant women–mother and child–from harm.

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April – Diamond

Diamonds are the traditional stones for love. Hence, engagement rings are commonly made with diamonds. This April birthstone symbolizes courage, too. It further protects its wearers from insanity and can treat dizziness, detoxify the body, and cure allergies.

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May – Emerald

Known for its vivid green hue, emeralds are said to promote health, faithfulness, fertility and wealth. Even those who are not born in May wear emeralds believing this gemstone cures ailments and detoxifies the body.

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June – Pearl

June celebrants’ birthstone is the pearl. As a symbol for modesty and purity, pearls protect against nervousness, reduce anxious thoughts, as well as control anger. Some people also believe that pearls can treat digestive disorders, increase fertility, and ease the pain of childbirth.

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July – Ruby

For people born in July, they have the ruby, a gem that symbolizes strength and courage as their birthstone. Rubies also protect against misfortune and negative energies. They help wearers live in harmony with others while supporting emotional health. It’s like a happy gem!

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August – Peridot

Peridot, a pretty, light green gem for people born in August, symbolizes courage, wealth, wisdom and purity. Peridot is known to relieve stress and calm anger, as well as protect against evil, negativity, and black magic. Peridot boosts the immune system, too and improves skin quality.

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September – Sapphire

Bold and blue, sapphires are popular gemstones that symbolize truth and protection. September celebrants who wear sapphires are believed to enjoy success. Additionally, sapphires reduce pain and bring purity, wisdom, faith, loyalty, and serenity. Sapphires also have a reputation for treating blood disorders and excessive bleeding.

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October – Opal

Opal is a gorgeous stone that comes in different hues. According to ancient legends, opals soothe away sadness and envy for those with October birthdays. Opals also have healing ang restorative qualities since they symbolize hope, innocence, and creativity.

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November – Topaz

Novembers celebants can enjoy two stunning hues because two birthstones are attributed to November: citrine and topaz. Citrine traditionally has a reputation for warding off evil thoughts and poisonous snakes. Today, the cheerful citrine, brings success and prosperity to its wearers because it improves intellect and removes negativity. Topaz, on the other hand, with its shades of brown, orange and yellow, promotes health and wellness in the mind and body. Topaz also comes in the color blue.

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December – Turquoise

Turquoise, the stone associated with December, brings happiness and good fortune. In the past, turquoise used to be an indicator of the wearer’s ill health or danger because of the its ability to change color. Turquouse brings good health and prevents headaches. It also symbolizes friendship and therefore is supposed to give the ability to make friends very, very easily.

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