Beat The Heat With These 10 Tropical Wedding Must-Haves

Are you having a tropical or summer wedding? The weather can be a challenge but with these must-haves, you can beat the heat and celebrate all day without worry. Here are 10 wedding ideas that will keep your tropical or summer wedding a cool and fun celebration–the weather won’t be a bother!

(1) Fans and Hats

If you’re having an outdoor setting for your wedding, keep your guests cool from the heat and the sun by giving them fans or hats. These can already be your wedding favors, too. The best thing about these giveaways is that they’re useful; your guests can use them even after your wedding–like for their next trip to the beach!

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[From: This Couple Wed in An Idyllic Garden Ceremony at Rosewood Phuket / Photo: Jenny Tong Photography]

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(2) Coconut Coolers

When the weather is hot, hydration is key! Serve some coconut juice at your wedding or have a full-on coconut juice bar. Aside from being a delicious thirst quencher, coconut juice will bring that tropical vibe to your celebration.

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(3) Fruit-based Cocktails

Aside from coconuts, how about making tropical fruits star in your wedding bar? Ask your caterer to concoct tropical-themed cocktails to add that summer vibe to your wedding. The fruit flavors will feel so refreshing, especially during the hottest time of the day.

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(4) Open Back Chairs

Chairs covered with drapery always look polished and neat, but they feel hot, too. So ditch this option altogether or go for open back seats that are in theme and are also generally cooler.

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(5) Popsicles for Dessert

What’s the best way to beat the heat? Eat something cold! While you’re at it, make it a cute wedding detail that guests won’t be able to resist. We suggest tropical popsicles. This will be a hit not only fr the kids, but the adults, too.

[From: Luxurious Greens Surround This Breathtaking Bali Wedding / Photos: Saya Photography]

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(6) Breathable Fabric

For a full day of festivities, brides should come well-prepared for the weather! Hence, breathable fabric is a must. Pick light and airy material and a style that won’t trap in the heat. The same goes for the rest of your entourage. For the bridesmaids and groomsmen, keep their looks just as breathable and comfortable.

[From: Luxurious Greens Surround This Breathtaking Bali Wedding / Photo: Saya Photography]

[From: Choose Your Vendors Wisely, Says This Couple Who Wed in Bali / Photo: Terralogical]

(7) Ventilation and Shade

For your tropical wedding, make sure to check the ventilation of your venue. You’ll want a breezy wedding over a stuffy one. You can also check if there’s enough shade for garden settings. If not, you can ask your wedding stylist to include a floral installation or pop-up umbrellas to protect your guests from the hash rays of the sun.

[From: Luxurious Greens Surround This Breathtaking Bali Wedding / Photos: Saya Photography]

[From: A Tropical Wedding with a Dinner Banquet in a Famous Grotto / Photo: Polina Ilchenko]

(8) Facial Mist Spray

Full-day outdoor events tend to lead leave attendees feeling hot and sticky. Not to worry, facial mist spray can fix this in a jiffy! You can hand these out to guests any time or have a “cooling station” with this and other items, like the fans and hats, we mentioned earlier.

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(9) A Neat Updo

Keep your hair tied back and away from your face so you feel cool all day. Or if not, you can also go for a half-up hairstyle that will allow you to flaunt your locks but keep you cool at the same time.

[From: An Intimate, Modern Tropical Garden Wedding / Photo: Wittita Workspace Photography]

(10) Poolside Spot

If you’re tying the knot in the middle of summer, consider a venue with a pool. It’s the perfect post-wedding activity for guests who choose to stay over at your venue. Keep everyone hung over on the previous day’s tropical-inspired festivities by letting them enjoy the pool while the sun high up in the sky.

[From: This Couple Wed in An Idyllic Garden Ceremony at Rosewood Phuket / Photo: Jenny Tong Photography]

[From: A Modern Black, White, and Gold Themed Wedding in Phuket / Photo: Wedding Boutique Phuket]



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