Inspiration Board: Dark Teal and Gold

If you love rich colors and have a flair of drama, then today’s inspiration board is definitely for you! Without a doubt, dark teal and gold make such a captivating theme, don’t you think? The color play of blue tones and the sparkle that the gold details bring result in an atmosphere of magic and mystery […]

Come Away with Me to Iceland

“Imagine walking through a doorway and stepping out into a totally different world; a world that is so very different from our own. That was Iceland and that was our wedding day.” – Steph and Eric I don’t think words can even equate to what these photos will show you. Steph and Eric’s Iceland elopement takes us to […]

The Look


5 Tips to Look Radiant on Your Wedding Day

Hi loves, we know that looking stellar on your wedding day is of utmost importance. Why of course it’s important, it’s your special day! Today, our friends from Midori Moon have 5 tips that will help you look your best on your wedding day. Keep tabs of these, ladies, so your photographer can capture that wedding day glow in […]

Giveaway: Personalized Feather-Filled Balloons Set from Molala

One of the best parts of wedding planning is gathering your BFFs to be part of your entourage. For me, it was like gathering the best memories from my childhood, teen years, and college years into this new, and exiting time of my life. Asking them to take a special place by your side on […]

Graceful Gardens

When I think of garden engagements, I remember The Secret Garden, a story I loved as a child. The idea of a hidden place that unveils a haven of the the most beautiful blooms is truly so fascinating. Today’s feature feels exactly the same. In their engagement photos by Jenny Tong, Maggie and Ben are surrounded […]

The Look