Forever is Ours

Today’s wedding video is more than just a show of a beautiful couple and their equally beautiful wedding. Rather, it’s a concise narration of a heartwarming day filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of fun! Marica and Jeremy’s vows will bring a tear or two to any onlooker’s eyes and the warm message of […]

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    Professional Vendors You Need to Hire on Your Wedding Day

    Admit it, your wedding is just the biggest day in your life and you’re all about making it as perfect as can be. Well, one of the best ways to ensure that your wedding is planned efficiently and executed with utmost care is to hire professionals in the wedding industry. Professionals know the ins and outs […]

    Fashion Friday: 29 Stylish Dresses That Will Surely Make Heads Turn

    In the course of the week, I’ve been quite lacking in the area of inspiration. The work week can get to us, and it’s during times like these that Fashion Friday is the hero of the weekend. Just in time, Rime Arodaky‘s 2017 Mystical Love Collection finds its way to us and instantly gives us the […]

    Tips & Trends: 26 Captivating Gowns From The 2017 Golden Globe Awards

    Fresh and hot from the red carpet, we have 26 stunning gowns to get you on a fashion inspiration high today! While there were countless beautiful gowns out during awards night, these have particularly caught our attention and kept us watching until the end of the awards. Apart from the dresses, take note, too of the hair, […]

    Tender and Timeless Ties

    If you’re looking for some quiet time, then you’ve come to the right place. Today’s wedding takes us to a private resort to witness the intimate union of Mandy and Nat. They chose a perfect venue for a small gathering that included a cozy ceremony site and and reception room. Both were adorned with white petals and linen, and accented […]

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