This Bride and Groom Turned Their Church Wedding Into A Stylish Affair

Today’s couple decided to have a classic church wedding that was absolutely beautiful! Felix and Virginia said their vows at the altar of Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, a church with elegant, white interiors. Guests were dressed in darker tones, striking a perfect balance with the pristine walls of the church. Every part of the […]

The Look



16 Trendy and Stylish Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Entourage

Planning your wedding doesn’t end with the ceremony and reception preparations. You also need to choose your entourage members–special individuals you want close to you during your special day! These men and women will also be helping you out throughout the wedding planning process. Therefore, you want to honor them and show your gratitude by […]

7 Tips to Look Natural In Your Wedding Day Photos

Every couple wants to look good in their wedding photos. Every couple wants to stand out. But for some, being in front of the camera isn’t something they’re very comfortable with. Hence, many fear looking too stiff, awkward, or even overly dramatic. In the hope of getting decent wedding day photos, couples sometimes resort to […]