An Intimate and Romantic Pottery-Themed Photo Session

Today’s feature is not your ordinary photo shoot. Dramatic, intimate, and every bit romantic Chester Kher‘s photos sweep us away into an indoor studio with Cheyenne and Jayden. In a quiet corner, we found the two fully consumed by the activity of the day: pottery. They dressed in casual t-shirts and eagerly kept on going creating an assortment of pots as the hours went by. And in the middle of it all, their playful smiles and loving whispers revealed just how much they love sharing simple yet meaningful moments like these together.

What hobby do you love to do with your partner? How about doing just that for your own pre-wedding photo session? You can get inspiration from these two. See more photos below.

Photography: Chester Kher Creations wih Evan Lim / Talents: @cheyennetsc, @chuajayden

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