Find Dresses for All the Special Moments in Your Life Here

Every Christmas, as far back as I remember, my mom would set aside one day for us to go shopping for a pretty dress. She told me, “On special occasions, we make it a point to dress our best.” So during my growing up years, dresses were associated with special occasions and all important moments […]

Tips to Help Prepare You for the Best Moment of Your Life

It’s only natural that brides want to look their best on their wedding day. And just like the wedding day itself, your skin needs ample preparation and the right kind of care to be at its best when you walk down that aisle and pose for your photos. Today, we’re listing down some useful beauty […]

This Bride-to-Be Took Dreamy Portraits During Her Indoor Boudoir Shoot

Many brides think of having a boudoir session as a gift to their future husbands. But what if you want to have a portrait session for yourself? By all means, do so! The brilliant photographer behind today’s photos, Tammy Shun, shares, “I would tell the girls to have a boudoir or portrait session as a […]

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A Charming and Romantic Pre-wedding Shoot in Hong Kong

Nothing compares to a stroll with nature surrounding you–made even better when the love of your life is right by your side. As Yin and Abbe move through the liberating harbor and refreshing greenery, the romantic within me is stirred. Everything about their engagement shoot has me feeling excited, with just a hint of nostalgia. […]

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