9 Red Inexpensive Bouquets For Your Chinese Wedding Dress

If you’re worried about splurging too much on flowers–especially since you will need more than one bouquet, one for your Chinese traditional dress, and maybe even another for your wedding dress–we have the solution for you! You need not spend a fortune on your bouquets because you can have a beautiful AND inexpensive red bouquet to match your Qun Gua. Yes, you heard it correct, we found you some red bouquets that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Not only that, they’re stunning ones, too!


(1) Here’s a classic red and white combination that you can’t go wrong with!

From: Daisy Miller’s Floral

Starting price: HK$280 4D3N


(2) For a little more vibrant and playful bouquet, this one mixes in some yellow and orange tones mimicking the actual hues of your gua.

From: Daisy Miller’s Floral

Starting price: HK$280 4D3N


(3) A little more rustic, a little more organic in style, but still classy and beautiful–here’s another red and white bouquet for you!

From: Daisy Miller’s Floral

Starting price: HK$300 4D3N


(4) What about a predominantly red, classy bouquet with just the right amount of greenery and accent fillers? Here’s a beautiful example of just exactly that.

From: Homemade Floral

Starting price: Fresh bouquet package is HK$1,980 which includes a bouquet and matching boutonniere and hair flowers.


(5) We’re all gushing over this nosegay style, vintage red bouquet. It’s filled with a variety of flowers with a little taste of autumn–warm colors are the way to go!

From: Home Sweet Florist

Starting price: HK$780 for a fresh bouquet


(6) How do you make a red and white bouquet look extra chic? Add chic fillers and a beautiful bow, like this bouquet!

From: Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab

Starting price: HK$890


(7) Blush is a favorite color for many brides. We’ve seen a lot of weddings with blush color themes and so for all brides who love blush, here’s a bouquet that includes a hint of blush.

From: Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab

Starting price: HK$920


(8) But let’s say you want a bouquet that’s not predominantly red–something a little more on the pastel side. This style silk bouquet is mix of warm and cool colors making it extra modern and flexible enough to match with many looks.

From: Preface – Impress by flowers

Starting price: HK$780 for a silk bouquet


(9) Finally, this Phoenix silk bouquet is definitely a beauty. Featuring peonies, garden roses, even berries, it’s a pretty creation and worthy of any beautiful bride-to-be!

From: Bunny Garden

Special price for B&B brides:
Large Size HK$1180, 10″ diameter (as seen in photo)
Small Size HK$780, 7″ diameter


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