8 Digital Hacks That Will Make Wedding Planning More Efficient

Let’s admit it. The Digital Age has granted us so many efficiencies and we can easily power through anything with the help of today’s technology. The same can be said for soon-to-weds who are getting ready for their wedding day. Wedding websites, online gift registries, wedding planning apps–you name it, there’s already a digital solution for almost everything wedding planning related. Even finding wedding inspiration is so easy. Just swipe and save your favorites from your mobile phone! So if you’re planning your wedding right now, you can definitely take advantage of all these to make the journey more efficient and enjoyable. Where do you begin? We’ll help you get started. Here are some important digital hacks you take advantage of.

(1) Create a dedicated email address for your wedding.

Instead of using your and your partner’s personal email addresses, create a new one that is especially for your wedding. This way, you can streamline all of the correspondences in one place; you won’t be mixing them up with work and personal emails either.

(2) Join online communities and groups.

You can get a lot of tips from online communities and groups. Couples in these groups eagerly help each other out. You can ask questions and get feedback. You’ll find a lot of support and encouragement from the members, too.

(3) Take time to view virtual venue tours, if available.

Realistically, it’s very time consuming to do ocular visits to venues. You also usually have to schedule it so that a dedicated person from the venue’s wedding team can assist you not only with the tour, but also with your questions and concerns. If you want to be more efficient, consider viewing online venue tours. This saves time spent going to many venues and from the virtual tour, you may already eliminate venues that don’t fit your needs.

(4) Utilize downloadable online planning checklists.

You can make your own checklist, but planners and other online resources have checklists, too. Downloading these will save you time and will cover all the necessities, even items you may have missed out on. Here are some checklists you can look at.

(5) Research on the wedding livestream platforms.

If you still can’t include all your friends and relatives on your wedding day, start looking for the livestream platform that will best suit your celebration. There are several options, but each one has its own set of features so you’ll want to make sure you pick the one that matches your needs and the venue’s capabilities. This article can help you:

(6) Manage all your important documents online.

The beauty of shared files that can be accessed online is that they’re easy to check and manage. Hence, there’s no reason not to switch from hard copies to digital copies.

(7) Take advantage of online printables and design packages.

Some stationery suppliers and calligraphy artists offer online printables and design packages that you can easily download and edit. You can definitely make use of these templates to speed up the process. Check out these printables:

(8) Let guests RSVP online. 

Having an online RSVP system will cut back on time spent tracking manually. It’s also easier for guests to confirm their attendance if you have a wedding website where they can RSVP using their phones. If you think about it, this is a win-win solution for everyone.


Don’t these look really, really helpful? You’re welcome.

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