7 Ways to Make an Inexpensive Wedding Look Like a Million Bucks

Just because you’re working within a budget, it doesn’t mean your wedding has to suffer. Of course not! There are many ways you can make a budget wedding look like it’s worth a lot more. In fact, you just need to be smart, strategic, and flexible. To help you out a bit on this and to give you ideas on how exactly it can be done, here are seven specific tips on how to achieve an inexpensive wedding that still looks like it’s worth a million bucks.


(1) Decorations and Styling

[From: Modern Garden Elegance / Photos: Mary Ann Art & Photography]

Keep it classy. One way to do this is to apply this simple guide: quality over quantity. A few key pieces that stand out is enough to make your wedding look like it’s worth a lot more.

(2) Your Dress

[From: Island Intimacy / Photo: Erika Gerdemark, From: Sun-kissed Charm / Photo: Heather Photography]

There are many ways to make an inexpensive dress look like it’s worth a fortune! Click here to read it.


(3) Color Theme

[From: Modern Minimalist / Photos: Weddingomania, Gianvitto Rossi, and Sally Pinera]

A single colored theme paired with a lot of white can look extra expensive. Or, you can also go for a sleek minimalist look. Aside from looking extra elegant and expensive, a minimalist color theme will save you on decor costs.


(4) Flowers

[From: Classic Elegance / Photos: Jenny Tong Photography]

Less is more. If you’re strategic with the flowers you use, you won’t need a lot. You can use just a few to accentuate the decor. Or you can opt for silk flowers, too.


(5) D.I.Y. Metallic Accents

[From: 5 Elegant D.I.Y. Table Centerpieces / Photo: Freut Cake]

You can add metallic accents using spray paint instead of using actual gold or silver pieces. This simple trick is a good way to add that expensive touch in a very inexpensive way!


(6) Lighting

[From: Meet Me at the Cathedral / Photo: History Studio]

Use candles for a romantic mood to go with your table setup. Candles can make a reception look luxurious when styled elegantly–and they won’t cost you a fortune!


(7) Key thing to remember: Everything has to be well put together!

[From: The Beginning of Eternity / Photo: Moments and You]

The last and most important tip you must always keep in mind is that for as long as everything is well put together, your wedding will look like it took a fortune to execute.


That’s all for now, folks! Time to review that budget and start strategizing. For more wedding budgeting tips, click here.

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