7 Kinds of Laisee You Need for Your Wedding

The laisee is a detail whose role is intertwined in many instances throughout all Chinese weddings, whether this be a traditional wedding or a modern wedding. While yes, it holds money, it also symbolizes well wishes and blessings from ones family, friends and loved-ones. Here are the kinds of laisee that you usually need for your wedding.


Kinds of Laisee That are Given

(1) For the Bridal Party

A laisee is given to each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen as a token of thanks for all the help they provide when planning the wedding and on the wedding day.

(2) For the Vendor Crew

A laisee is given to each of your vendors as a little “thank you” gift and as special tip for a job well done. The vendor crew usually includes photographers, videographers, makeup artists, planners, deco stylists, florists, lawyer, drivers etc.

(3) For the Hotel or Catering Crew

The same practice goes for the hotel or catering crew. Each crew member that assists in serving during the reception banquet is also given a token. If there are too many people, you can pass them to the crew manager to ask to help to distribute. Sometimes people give more to the manager because he or she will be the key to lead the banquet crew.

(4) Along with the Formal Invitation to Guests

[From: Sensational Stationery: Tips on Invitation Suites]

When preparing your formal invitation suites, don’t forget to add a laisee for each guest. The meaning behind is the thank you gift for your wedding gift to them. The common amount placed in each is HK$20 or HK$50, but of course you can add more as preferred.

(5) When the Bridesmaids Opening the Door for the Groom During the Prewedding Games

At the beginning of the prewedding where the groom picks up the bride, the groom and his entourage need to convince the bridesmaids to let them in the room before the groom can prove his worth through a series of games. The amount in this laisee must be a lucky amount such as HK$ 888 or HK$999, and the like, and it will be shared by all bridesmaids afterwards.


Kinds of Laisee You Will Receive

(6) From Parents and Relatives During the Chinese Traditional Tea Ceremony

[From: Sweet Garden Solace | Photo: Patrick Photography]

During the Chines traditional tea ceremony, family and relatives, both from the sides of the bride and groom, give the couple laisees. This is a gift and a representation of their well-wishes for the couple.

(7) From Guests of the Wedding

Finally, the monetary gifts from guests are handed over to the couple in laisees.


This small envelope plays a vital role in your wedding. You can personalize your laisees to add a little uniqueness and character to them. Your family, relatives, and guests will surely notice the extra effort and recognize the value you placed in this symbolic wedding detail.


Oh and by the way, you can also try making D.I.Y. Laisees–here’s an easy tutorial for you!


Photo source: maisiemeichi, Butter Jam Visuals, From Yours Trulybow.en.vacances

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