6 Tips For a Stress-Free Moving Day Into Your New Home

After the wedding, what’s the next step? Moving into your new home! Many couples say that when they start moving, that’s when reality starts to sink in–married life starts now.

If you’ve moved from one place to another in the past, then you know that it’s a lot of work. Whether you’re moving in together for the first time or moving back to your home town after living together abroad, uprooting yourself from one place to another is always quite a feat! And even if you’ve moved several times, it never gets easier.

This time, you’re not only moving, you’re building your new home as husband and wife. If you’re at a loss at how to go about it, or if you need help on how to get things done quickly and efficiently, we’ve got you covered. Today’s blog will elaborate on essential tips that will help you move into your new home seamlessly.


(1) Create a timeline.

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The common mistake among couples is focusing on the wedding planning and forgetting about what is needed for moving into a new home! If you want your new home to be ready after your wedding, create a separate timeline for moving and make sure to follow your calendar. Always make room for adjustments and delays, too–just in case–so you can still finish everything in time for your intended moving day.


(2) Get help.

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If you can’t move everything on your own, book a moving company as early as possible. Make sure to coordinate your schedule with theirs and realign your timeline based on your final arrangement with them. You can also ask them for their suggestions on how to go about moving–which items should be moved first, does their service include packing options, what safety measures do they implement for delicate items, and so on.


(3) Work with a system if you plan to do it yourself.

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If you’re not going to hire a moving company, then work with a system that will help you pack and move efficiently. For example, create an inventory list of all your items, pack based on sections of the house, designate packing assignments for you and your fiancé, label or color code your boxes, etc. Do whatever will make it easier and will help organize your things.


(4) Allot enough time to pack.

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A lot of people underestimate the time and energy needed for packing. Depending on how much stuff you have, it can take days to really get everything organized in boxes. With that in mind, allot enough time for packing, especially if you’re planning to do it on your own.


(5) Pack smart.

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To keep, to donate, or to toss? Part of moving is assessing all your current things and really thinking whether you still need them or not. Pack smart, meaning think of what you will really, really need. Let go of all the items what you no longer need.


(6) Secure everything.

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If you pick up a box and something inside moves, check the contents again. You might have valuables inside the box and a moving item means higher chances of hitting something inside. The best way to go about packing is making sure nothing moves when you pick up any box. For large furniture, place cushioning or protection around the corners and edges. These will save your items from scratches during the moving process.




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