50 Beautiful Qipao and Cheongsam Details That Will Take Your Breath Away

The Qi Pao (Kei Po) 旗袍, or otherwise informally known as the Cheongsam 長衫, is a dress worn by Chinese women that took on a popular wave in the 1920s. Originally, this dress used to have a relaxed, loose form (think A-line), but today, it takes on a more fitted and body-hugging silhouette, enabling a woman to show off her slender curves. Its popularity boomed especially during Hong Kong’s colonial days, and modern qipaos now have zippers and studs instead of Chinese flower knots. Though no longer worn as everyday clothing, qipaos are a popular choice for brides as an alternative of the Qun Gua or as an evening gown for the wedding banquet. With a wide selection of fabric, styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, wedding qipaos will take you into an entirely different realm of gowns on its own. We have found these breathtaking examples that will make your heart leap and get you pinning them on your mood board. From traditional red qipaos, to pastel shades of pinks or blues, and opulent gold and silver, we have one for every bride. All we need now is to find the qipao master that will tailor our dreams into perfection!

[Qipao: Emmanuel Haute Couture / Photo: Fixer Photography]


The Red Ruby

One can’t go wrong with the color red. Perfect for traditional brides, this stunning and auspicious scarlet shade will be turning heads. What’s more, this color photographs beautifully!

[Qipao: Jessica Cindy]


[Qipao: Linva Tailor 年華時裝 – 旗袍 / From: A Burgundy and Mint Wedding at Repulse Bay / Photo: History Studio]


[Qipao: Veronika Vidyanita / Photo: House Of Photographers]



[Qipao: Qipology]


[Qipao: Cinobi / Photo: Jemanci]


[Qipao: Zion Creation / Photo: Cornelius Lim Photography]


[Qipao: Yogie Pratama / Photo: Nomina Pics]


[Qipao: Diana Couture / Photo: State Photography]


[Qipao: Lai Chan / Photo: The Beautiful Moment]


[Qipao: Chinoiserie HK / From: A Traditional Wedding in Rich Red Tones / Photo: Martin Aesthetics]


[Photo: Munkeat Studio]


[Photo: Wynnylicious via Instagram]


[Qipao: Love Story / Photo: Androids in Boots]


[Qipao: Gabriella Vania / Photo: State Photography]


[Qipao: Zeepha Couture Fashion Design & Fabrics / From: Melodies and Memories / Photo: Savour Productions]


[Photo: Fixer Photography]


[Qipao: The White Atelier / Photo: Louis Loo]


[Qipao: Cinobi / Photo: Gaillard Mathieu]


[Qipao: Adrian Gan / Photo: David Salim]


[Qipao: Juillet Official]


[Qipao: Christine Wibowo / Photo: Dikha Dheansa]


[Qipao: Celest Thoi]


Pretty in Pink

If you want to take it down a notch, but still wow the guests with those intricate details, go for pastel hues of peach and pinks. This will best suit a wedding with a soft and romantic theme.

[Qipao: Ethereal the Label / Photo: Multifolds]


[Photo: State Photography]


[Qipao: Cinobi / Photo: Kencana Photo]


[Qipao: Z Wedding / Photo: Pixioo]


[Photo: Multifolds]


[Qipao: Ethereal the Label]


[Qipao: Gabriella Vania]


[Qipao: Ethereal the Label]


[Qipao: Juillet Official / Photo: Jiwa Photography]


Opulent Gold and Silver Dust

The ever favorite classic color after red would be gold and silver, which represents wealth and prosperity. This will give your wedding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

[Qipao: Yefta Gunawan]


[Qipao: Amanda Lee Weddings]



[Qipao: Gabriella Vania / Photo: PPF Photo]


[Qipao: Monique Lhuillier / Photo: Axioo]


[Qipao: Cinobi / Photo: Gaillard Mathieu]


[Qipao: Yefta Gunawan / Photo: Myel Studios]


[Qipao: Cinobi / Photo: Is Amare Wedding Photography]


[Qipao: Gabriella Vania]


[Qipao: Didi Budiardjo / Photo: Gaillard Mathieu]


[Qipao: Ethereal the Label]


Delicate Shades of Mint and Blue

Something borrowed, something blue. These mint and egg blue Qipaos make its original structured style look so soft, delicate and dreamy.

[Qipao: Cinobi / Photo: Androids in Boots]


[Qipao: Adrian Gan / Photo: Summer Story Photography]


[Qipao: Cinobi / Photo: Androids in Boots]


[Qipao: The Missing Piece / Photo: Joshua Koh Photography]


[Qipao: Adrian Gan / Photo: Axioo]


[Qipao: Ong Shunmugam / Photo: Munkeat Studio]


[Qipao: Juillet Official / Photo: Terrixlin]


[Photo: Lightedpixels Photography]

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