5 Lessons Brides Can Learn From Meghan Markle to Make Your Wedding Look Unique

We’re still abuzz with royal wedding fever, and can’t get over how gorgeous everything was, especially Meghan Markle’s look. We just loved how everything about her look was so unique to her, so we decided to list down some lessons brides can pick up from the royal bride’s beautiful wedding look. Scroll down below, and get ready to take some notes!


1. Choose someone who can help you enhance your vision

Meghan chose creative director of Givenchy, Claire Waight Keller, to design her romantic wedding dress, choosing the British designer because of her timeless pieces and elegant aesthetic. They worked closely together on the design, and the result was a classic masterpiece we’ll all remember.

As a bride, when choosing your dress designer (or any of your suppliers for that matter), make sure to go with someone who can help you enhance your vision. When you meet your suppliers, explain what you want or don’t want, and gauge how he or she responds to your ideas. Don’t forget to keep an open mind though, because your suppliers are familiar with the ins and outs of the industry, and can actually suggest better ideas!


2. Sometimes less is more

Meghan’s wedding dress was a simple but elegant gown with a bateau neckline, long sleeves, and a sculpted waist. It was pure and simple, without any embellishments and extra detailing. The lines of the dress extend towards the back where the train flows in soft round folds cushioned by an underskirt in triple silk organza.

What can we learn from this? That sometimes, less is more. Nowadays, the trend seems to be lace details, heavy beadwork, and lots of embellishments. But it’s okay to say no to all of that, because a non-embellished gown works just as well too. If this is the kind of style you love, don’t be afraid to go for it!


3. Incorporate something that’s important to you

One detail we loved about Meghan’s look was her monarch-length veil, embroidered with flowers. She wanted to have all 53 countries of the British Commonwealth represented in her look, and chose 53 flowers specific to the 53 countries, to be hand-embroidered in her five-meter long veil.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to copy this, but a lesson brides can learn is to incorporate something meaningful in their wedding day look. Whether it’s a special engraving in the lining of your dress, underneath your shoes, or a locket of a loved one around your bouquet, be creative and find a subtle way to wear or bring what’s important to you on your wedding day.


4. Don’t be afraid to borrow

A royal wedding wouldn’t be complete without a royal headpiece–and Meghan’s tiara definitely did not disappoint! The Queen lent her the stunning diamond tiara of Queen Mary. The diamond bandeau dates back to 1932, and is made from diamonds and platinum. The bandeau was made specifically to hold the center brooch, which dates back to 1893, and is made with ten brilliant diamonds–truly worthy of a royal wedding!

We understand that not everyone can wear a jewel-encrusted tiara on her wedding day, but one thing we can learn from this is that it’s okay to borrow. You can borrow jewelry from your grandmother or mom, or even your future mother-in-law! You can even borrow other things besides jewelry–it wouldn’t hurt to ask, right?


5. Make it more personal by having your groom do something

Did you know that Prince Harry actually hand picked some flowers from his garden at Kensington Palace, and it was included in Meghan’s bouquet? This was such a sweet gesture that heightened the personal importance of the bride’s bouquet.

Having your groom help out and incorporating some of his ideas in the details will definitely add a personal touch to your wedding. It also becomes extra meaningful because you both worked on the little details together.

This is totally something your groom can do! Having him do something to help complete your bridal look will add a personal and sweet touch.


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