4 Calligraphy Styles That Will Add a Personal Touch to Any Wedding

Present-day calligraphy has taken the wedding scene by storm. It’s added a personalized touch to weddings–something we definitely love! Each font and style is unique, reflecting the craftsmanship and creativity of its maker. We also love how the this handwritten detail combines traditional techniques with modern styles that are executed with a hint of playfulness. Calligraphy is definitely something you want to add to your wedding! It’s a beautiful art from that now makes wedding elements even more stylish. Here are some examples of elegant calligraphy styles you can take incorporate into your wedding.


(1) Formal

If you’re going for a formal look, you can try some traditional styles or modern ones that still have a formal look. Some of these–such as Copperplate–were inspired by English cursive masters from as far back as the 16th century. Hence, the traditional look and feel. On the other hand, some modern styles make use of added strokes and curves for a dated, more elaborate look.


[Photos: Tonie Christine Photography, Gix Turner Files]

Flourish Formal

[Font by: Lindsey Bugbee / Photo: The Postmans Knock]


[Font by: Lindsey Bugbee / Photo: The Postmans Knock]


(2) Round

This style of calligraphy offers a more friendly and approachable design with rounded letters and added curls. It’s also more legible compared to formal styles that tend be more tilted. If you’re looking for a light, merry font that still has a formal feel to it, check out these round calligraphy styles.


[Font by: Lindsey Bugbee / Photo: The Postmans Knock]


[Font by: Lindsey Bugbee / Photo: The Postmans Knock]


(3) Angular

For a different look that has a lot of character try a calligraphy style with angular transitions and extended strokes. The asymmetry is attractive and gives a natural touch to the font.

Aura Blue

[Font by: My Candy Themes / Photos: Creative Market]


[Font by: Lindsey Bugbee / Photo: The Postmans Knock]



[Font by: Angie Baldelomar / Photos: Creative Market]


(4) Playful

Finally, here are some fun and playful styles that really just look extra cute and extra inviting! There are a myriad of fonts that offer a more vivacious feel so go ahead and experiment with different options.


[Font by: Emily Spadoni / Photos: Creative Market ]


[Font by: Flavor Type / Photos: Creative Market ]

Mrs. Glows

[Font by: My Candy Themes / Photos: Creative Market]


[Font by: Tuanku / Photo: Creative Market]


Before we conclude, we’d like to share with you something special. The Bride and Breakfast logo was custom made by calligraphy artist Karla Lim, the artist behind Written Word Calligraphy. The Bride and Breakfast Founders envisioned a timeless, elegant, and elevated look for the new logo, and with Karla’s creativity and expertise in written art, the present-day version was borne. It’s not only a beautiful representation of the brand and its values, the logo is also a work of art that we really are proud to have–thank you, Karla.


Whatever style or font you choose, remember that what matters is that it reflects your personality and matches the theme of your wedding. All these styles will deliver an elegant look and a personalized touch to all your decorations and details!

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