23 Cute Holiday Macaron Designs That Will Add Charm To Your Celebration

‘Tis the season for spending time with our loved ones. This is our favorite time of the year not only because it’s wedding season–we see a lot of gorgeous weddings this time of the year–but also because it’s a time when we all get to reconnect with our loved ones. Gatherings left and right–who doesn’t love seeing relatives from far away or long-time friends we don’t get to see often? Celebrations like these shouldn’t be devoid of the best food. Good food only adds joy to a celebration and with that in mind, we thought of inspiring you with holiday dessert. We’re kickstarting the celebrations with the cutest holiday macarons ever! Scroll on and pick out one of these designs for that added charm to your next holiday party or gathering.

[Photo: @somethingturquoise / Photography & Styling: @chelsea_lavere]

[Photo: @mein_backglueck]

[Photo: @macaronsbyiva] – white and yellow

[Photo: @tastyandamazing]

[Photo: @creatingkaitlin]

[Photo: @macaronsbyiva] – white

[Photo: @missmelindasmakery]

[Photo: @mrsmacarons]

[Photo: @barleyandsage]

[Photo: @dianakarlins]

[Photo: @thesugarhobby]

[Photo: @macaronsbyiva] – pink

[Photo: @jenns_zuckerhaus]

[Photo: @macaronsbyiva] – dark

[Photo: @baked.by.dave]

[Photo: @akis_petretzikis]

[Photo: @frenchforawhile]

[Photo: @macarondejayne]

[Photo: @bakerstreetsociety]

[Photo: @backfeevi]

[Photo: @missmelindasmakery] – green

[Photo: @pollen.pastry]

[Photo: @mrsmacarons]

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