7 Ways Wedding Planning Prepares You and Your Fiancé For Marriage

Did you know that the moment you start planning your wedding, you’re instantly preparing for marriage? Wedding planning is like your training ground–you learn a lot of valuable lessons along the way. From how to work with your partner, to discovering more about yourself, wedding planning is rich path that secretly molds your new relationship as husband and wife. Without even knowing it, you’re slowly building that new life together already. Interesting, right? To make things more concrete, here are 7 ways wedding planning prepares you and your fiancé for marriage.



(1) You learn to talk about finances.

Money is a topic that can easily cause fights even among couples who have been marriage for a long time. When you begin wedding planning, you’ll need to agree on a budget and stick to it. From this point onward, you learn to manage finances and avoid arguing over money.

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(2) You start to adjust to each others’ families.

When you get married, you become part of a new family. This means that you will form new relationships with your other half’s loved ones. When you start planning your wedding, you get to know your husband-to-be’s parents and siblings since you will need to be mindful of their needs and concerns for the wedding. During this time, you’re already starting to adjust to your new family.

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(3) You learn to communicate.

Communication is one of the vital keys to a happy marriage. You may not know it, but wedding planning allows you to work on your communication skills with your partner. You will have opposing opinions and at times, misunderstandings, but you will have to sort it out. Throughout the process, you can start practicing openness and respect as you talk about your conflicting ideas–you’ll need a lot of this in your marriage.

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(4) You learn to compromise.

Marriage is all about thinking of the other person. As soon as you start planning for your wedding, you slowly learn to let go and give way to your partner. Instead of standing your ground, you will need to compromise on certain wedding details so you and your partner are both happy.

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(5) You become more flexible.

Wedding planning comes with a lot of challenges. Therefore, you will need to be more flexible. If something doesn’t pan out the way you intended, are you ready with a Plan B? Married life comes with challenges, too. You’ll hit roadblocks and trials so you’ll need to be flexible and roll with the punches together. Wedding planning teaches you to adapt to the situation in front of you.

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(6) You learn to focus on what’s best for you two.

There will be a lot of wedding suggestions coming from family and friends. It’s a natural way for them to show their love and care. However, you will need to focus on what you need or what’s best for you two. Politely listen to all the suggestions but stay on track. When you get married, your loved ones may continue to give advice and suggestions, so learning how to deal with all the opinions around you early on will be very helpful for your marriage.

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(7) You become more perceptive of your partner’s needs.

As you go through numbers one to six, you slowly become more perceptive of your partner’s needs. This is one of the best things you can develop while you’re planning you wedding. Soon, you’ll see that you’re already attuned to your partner’s necessities and you can easily adjust and act accordingly.




Wedding planning is an important stepping stone to your marriage. You’re not only preparing for the most special day in your life, but also the many years ahead together.


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