After 70 Years, Sennet Frères is Coming Back to Town with Love

The 150 year-old brand, SENNET FRÈRES is drumming up so much excitement. Today we’re letting you in on all the juicy details about the collection, so listen up. SENNET FRÈRES is launching a high-end bespoke wedding gown collection this December 2020.

You might be wondering why the Paris-based, well-known jewelry and watch brand is now in the fashion industry. An interesting history lies behind this new venture. There is a hidden gem on the west side of Hong Kong Island, just a few steps away from busy city streets called The Old Alberose, a historic manor completed in 1926. Its owner–Albert Weill was none other than the man in charge of the SENNET FRÈRES.

The jewelry and watch company was founded in Paris in 1870 and was taken over by Albert Weill and brought to Hong Kong. Later on, his daughter married Harry Odell, who worked in the Royal Navy and used the Old Alberose mansion for many secret operations. The University of Hong Kong later bought the title in 1955 and kept it intact and well managed. Then finally, after 5 long years, Hins Cheung, Hong Kong singer and songwriter bought the mansion and made it his home.

On Christmas Eve in 2020, SENNET FRÈRES will return to Hong Kong after an absence of more than 70 years, and set up the first wedding dress concept store at 22 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, combining 150 years of exquisite craftsmanship in watch and jewelry manufacturing and the spirit of precision pursuit It has become a neon feather garment between the stitches, continuing SENNET FRÈRES’s dedication and pursuit of luxury and aesthetics for a century and a half.

SENNET FRÈRES’ fashion debut in Hong Kong the result of an intertwined history with the brand and the unique partnership with Hong Kong singer and songwriter, Hins Cheung, and Hong Kong fashion designer, Kev Yiu, along with support from Jacky Cheng, who serves as Business Director and Katherine Luk, the Operations Director. Meanwhile, the new collection is co-presented alongside Alexander Hera, Hong Kong’s leading photography company.

What can brides look forward to from the SENNET FRÈRES bespoke maiden collection? Kev, the Creative Director behind the new collection, and one of Hong Kong’s most renowned designers, uses the personalities and real stories of Rosie, Susannah and Sophie from the Will family as the blueprint and inspiration of the collection, and named related series and designs after their respective names. In the design of the Sophie series, he combined Sophie’s optimistic and enthusiastic character, adopting innovative tailoring, and referring to her dress style and taste in the 1920s and 50s–imagine classical and contemporary designs, reinterpreting the confident charm of a female. As for the wedding dresses and evening wears of the Susannah series, the relatively subtle and low-key and steady designs are deliberately adopted to highlight Susannah’s composure and gentleness in history, thus embodying the wisdom and intellectual beauty of contemporary women.

Kev is a master at embroidering the natural elegance of flowers and plants onto dressing using elaborate lace, beading and sequins. His craftsmanship reveals his delicate hand, able to fully enhance a woman’s feminine and romantic curves. He is a master at embroidering the natural elegance of flowers and plants onto dressing using elaborate lace, beading and sequins. His craftsmanship reveals his delicate hand, able to fully enhance a woman’s feminine and romantic curves.

With the SENNET FRÈRES’ motto, “Stay Elegant Even In Times of Turbulence” guiding all the designs, brides will enjoy all the classic designs mixed with colors and details inspired by the renaissance to art nouveau period. At that time, people praised and advocated free love, romanticism, and the pursuit of real happiness. All 45 gowns are reminiscent of this spirit expressed in all of the hand-pressed silk flowers, and three-dimensional embroidered floral ornaments and fabric. And above all, the reverse ruffle tailoring is one of the biggest signatures of this season! Every dress is handmade, from design to production, in Hong Kong, taking an average of more than 120 hours to finish each dress. Therefore, every piece is made with utmost care and is every bit a work of art.

With all these experts behind the new bridal brand and wedding gown collection, you can be sure that a spectacular set of dresses are making their way to you right now. Make an appointment now to visit the Sennet Frères’s 9,000 sq ft concept store in Causeway Bay and try on the first season spring and summer 2021 wedding evening gowns!

Sennet Frères Concept Store


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