8 Tips for a More Personal Virtual Wedding Experience

With only a few family and friends allowed and able to attend weddings these days, brides and grooms have been turning to virtual weddings. Virtual weddings allow all other guests to take part in your special day, so it’s a great way to share your wedding day with everyone despite the current situation. If you’re planning for a virtual wedding too, here are some useful tips to make it a more personal and seamless experience for your guests.


(1) Choose the right platform.

There are many available platforms that you can use. But since you want to make your viewing as easy and convenient as possible, choose a platform that you think will be exactly that. Think of what will be the most comfortable one for everyone.

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(2) Test your connection beforehand.

Better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you do some trial runs before the actual wedding. There’s nothing more frustrating for guests than running into technical issues in the middle of your special day.

(3) Prepare the proper equipment.

Along with testing the internet connection, be sure to prepare the right equipment. Include back ups just in case. You want to avoid hiccups that may happen along the way due to inadequate materials for a seamless guest experience.


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(4) Style your venue.

You want guests to feel like they’re physically there with you, so make sure to style your venue. You don’t need full stying. You just need enough details to get the right look and feel across virtually.

(5) Be mindful of the lighting.

Since guests will be watching you from a screen, lighting is key to making the experience better for them. Natural light is always the best, but if your venue is a bit dark, make sure to add ample lighting.


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(6) Brief your guests.

Since virtual weddings are new, a lot of guests might not be familiar with how it goes or what to expect. To make sure everyone is on the page page, don’t forget to brief your guests.

(7) Address your guests.

Even if they’re online, you can address your guests every now and then. Wave at them or smile at them in between the activities. They will feel more connected to you this way. After the ceremony, you can also spend time talking to everyone.


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(8) Save the recording.

Lastly, record your virtual wedding and save it. It will be really nice to look back on your virtual wedding. You can also share the video later on with everyone, once you can finally spend time with your family and friends physically.



Your virtual wedding can be a meaningful event not only for you, but also for all your virtual guests. These little tips will surely make a huge difference for everyone, so keep tabs of these and start preparing for your beautiful virtual wedding now.

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