10 Romantic Fragrances for Your Big Day

It’s essential to look and feel good on your wedding day. Sometimes, even if you have the perfect dress and makeup, it still feels like there’s something missing. How about a romantic fragrance complete everything? Wedding perfumes are often overlooked by brides and trust us, you shouldn’t! Your wedding scent can set your overall mood and make you feel even more beautiful. It also has the ability to take you back to memory lane, even decades after your big day. A simple whiff can remind you of the dreamiest thing that has ever happened in your life. (Bonus: Spritz it on special occasions and your spouse will surely love it as memories flood his mind!) If you’re unsure what scent to pick, how about picking out floral fragrances? There’s nothing more romantic than the smell of flowers! Make memories that will last a lifetime with these 10 romantic fragrances we’ve handpicked just for you!


1. Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede

Feel fresh and feminine with this flirtatious scent as you walk down the aisle. The juicy red apple, delicate peonies, supple suede, and the richness of jasmine, rose, and gillyflower will surely make you a blushing bride.




2. Coco Mademoiselle 

A classic perfume. The addictive and powerful oriental floral fragrance with patchouli and amber accord is perfect for the daring yet classy bride.


3. YSL Black Opium

The addicting scent with divine combinations. With notes of black coffee, vanilla, and white florals, this is the fragrance for the glamorous and energetic bride.


4. Clinique Happy Heart

For the bride who is full of warmth and optimism, this perfume with notes of mandarin, cucumber, yellow primrose, water hyacinth, and sandalwood is your best bet!


5. Estée Lauder Pleasures

This rich floral perfume with lilies, jasmine, and white peonies will remind you of spring. There’s nothing dreamier than smelling like fresh, blooming flowers in the air!


6. Chloé Eau de Parfum

A fresh and powdery floral fragrance that is simple and straightforward, this timeless perfume takes pride in its signature Damask rose scent with hints of magnolia, cedar, and peony.


7. J’adore Dior

Sparkle on your wedding day with this sophisticated and elegant floral scent. The fusion of ylang-ylang, Damascena rose, and jasmine will make you an unforgettable bride.

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8. Flora by Gucci

A scent of femininity. The notes of citrus fruit, peony, mandarin, roses, patchouli, sandalwood, and rare osmanthus flower will give you that crisp and youthful smell.

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9. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Blossom into the beautiful bride that you are with this floral signature with notes of bergamot, peony, Damascus rose, and white musk.


10.  Mon Guerlain

Make the most out of your wedding entrance and feel like a modern goddess with this fresh oriental fragrance. The combination of carla lavander, sambac Jasmine, vanilla, and sexy sandalwood suits strong and sensual brides.



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