Honor Your Mom Today with These 9 Simple Gestures

When a bride puts on her gown and looks at herself in the mirror, it’s a very overwhelming moment, not only for her, but also for her mother. The reality of letting go leaves tears–sometimes silent, invisible ones–and tugs at deep emotions. But while it’s time to leave, and time be apart, there are still many ways in which you can honor your mother and make her feel your genuine love, care, and appreciation for all the years under her care. Here are nine things you can do now and continue doing through the many hereon.

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(1) Express your gratitude.

Say, “Thank You” for everything she has done for you–from giving birth to you, nursing you, bringing you to and from school, to helping you plan your wedding and getting you dressed on your Big Day! From all the small things, to the very big momentous accomplishments, express your most sincere thanks for her unwavering support all the way.


(2) Apologize and resolve past hurts.

It’s high time to let go of personal issues, pain, or resentment that you may have been harbouring over the years. Say sorry, ask forgiveness, and extend forgiveness as well for hurts that may even still sting today. Make that extra effort to mend the cracks and bumps in your relationship.


(3) Tell her you love her.

There’s no better way to express love than to say it–simple and straightforward.

[From: An Elegant All-White Wedding at St. Margaret Church  /Photo: MC Photography]


(4) Give her a card with a personal message.

You can also call upon the Shakespeare in you to compose sweet poetry that you can give alongside a pretty card. Or you can just also write a short message straight from the heart.


(5) Keep the communication.

Parents often feel like they lose a child when he or she gets married. Technically speaking, it’s true– you do leave your home. But that that doesn’t mean you will leave a hole in your mom’s heart. Keep her happy and full of love by remaining in constant communication. She won’t feel that void and this little gesture will make her feel like she’s still an important part of your life.


(6) Ask for advice.

No one else knows you the way your mom does. She knows you most and will only want to help you every opportunity she has. Seeking for her advice still gives her a sense of purpose. She will also be deeply touched that you still value her input.


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(7) Encourage her.

Your mom also has her own dreams and wishes and as the years go by, she might feel that time robs her of opportunity. Encourage her to continue to dream big and work towards her goals. Uplift her and be there to keep sustain her positive outlook.


(8)Take care of her.

It’s your turn now. Life turns around, and now you can extend the same care for your mother now that she’s the one who needs you.


(9) Pray for her.

Finally, pray for her. Ask for guidance, protection, and continuous blessings for the wonder woman of your life. For without her, you wouldn’t be the woman you are today.


Here’s to all the mothers out there! May we always draw strength, courage, and wisdom from the strongest women we know, our mothers.


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