7 Signs You’re an OCD Bride

Hello, hello! This is for all you brides out there who are just a tad bit obsessed about planning the most organized wedding in the planet! We feel you, and you know what, it’s okay. Sometimes we girls really tend to go crazy about planning, most especially because our wedding is  just about THE most important event in our lives. So, if you’re an OCD bride, high five! These funny points might sound very familiar to you.


(1) All your wedding notes are color coded (duh!) It makes checking, filing and organizing way way easier when everything is color coded!


(2) You have a power point deck that you show to every client you meet. You want to be very clear that they understand your vision and they are knowledgable on how to execute every little detail.


(3) You go to over 30 bridal shops to try on dresses. Why, of course you want to make sure you’ve seen all the possible dresses out there. The ONE might be in any of those and you just have to be sure you didn’t miss it.


(4) Your calendar is marked with all the planning milestones and you are on schedule. And, you do not intend to make room for any delays! So you might be following-up a little often but hey, at least everything is running according to plan.


(5) You have multiple checklists, not just one! I mean, your checklist has a sub checklist, just to keep double tabs of every task that you have to accomplish.


(6) You are so, so, so organized that your wedding planner actually had NO questions when you started turning over your files. It was a short meeting.


(7) Two weeks before the wedding, you realize that you’re all set–and you can’t believe it! You have some finishing touches to take care of but essentially, everything is set and you are down to that last few check boxes that need to be ticked off which are actually all just spa and beauty treatments for yourself!


Hooray for excellent, detailed planning! Being an OCD bride pays off, right?


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