How Do I Maintain My Figure After The Wedding? Find Out Here.

The trick to maintaining the wedding body you worked so hard for? Simple. A healthy lifestyle. Don’t throw away what you’ve worked on for months. Instead, try to keep it! There’s no secret diet or quick fix to maintaining a good figure. The best road to looking good long-term is by incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle. Here are 10 essential steps that we highly recommend for you to keep in shape even after the Big Day has gone by.

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Getting up early gives you a head start with your day with a good burst of energy. You will have more time to accomplish things within the day. Ergo, more time and energy for more activities that will keep you on the go rather than on the couch.


We lead busy lives and breakfast is likely to be skipped in the rush of things. But skipping breakfast increases the probability of you binging on an unhealthy snack as the morning goes by. So you have to eat breakfast. If you manage doing the first point, getting up early, you will have more time to eat a proper meal in the morning.



Stay hydrated. Hydration is good for the body. It keeps you energized and lessens the chances of feeling fatigue at the end of a long day. Drinking a lot of water also helps keep your skin looking radiant and healthy.



The keyword here is regularly. Exerting effort to exercise regularly is difficult at first, but, it has it’s long-term benefits once it’s part of your weekly routine. Exercise not only keeps you fit, it also helps prevent cardiovascular-related diseases and improves your overall mood and disposition.



If your Mom always used to tell you to eat your greens, she had every good reason to do so! Most vegetables are low in fat and carbohydrates, and are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Fruits are also good sources of vitamins. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables gives your body the proper nutrition it needs to perform its daily functions.



Okay, you need not abolish alcohol completely from your life. Occasional celebrations here and there will naturally call for a glass or two, and hey, that’s okay! But do avoid excessive alcohol because alcohol causes dehydration and long-term damage to your organs. If and when you do have some alcohol, drink lots of water afterwards to hydrate your body again.



This not new to all of us. The mere fact that they’re called “junk” food already clearly spells out that these kinds of food are bad for the body. Again, like alcohol, having a little treat once in a while won’t hurt. But try to make smarter food choices so that you gain more benefits, not drawbacks, from what you intake.



Part of looking and feeling great requires taking good care of your skin. Taking good care of your skin prevents premature ageing and fine lines–and you definitely do not want to age faster! Make sure you have a proper skincare routine that you diligently follow. A good skincare routine usually includes cleansing, toning, moisturising, and protection from the sun. You can add other steps to address certain target areas and concerns.



Stress takes a toll on your body and manifests in different ways. Taking a break every now and then is good for your health. Your body and mind can free itself from excess baggage and unnecessary worries. Travel with friends or family, or have some “me” time one weekend. After a nice and restful break, you’ll feel brand new.



Finally, get enough sleep. Sleep is absolutely necessary for a healthy mind and body. Sleep allows your body to rest, regain energy, and recover from whatever mental or physical stress it has been subject to all day. An overworked body that is unable to regain its strength will eventually fall sick. Allow your body the rest it needs so that it’s well-prepared to face the next day.


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It may be struggle at the beginning, but think about the long-term advantages of incorporating these 10 tips into your lifestyle. In the end, you’ll reap the benefits and you’ll learn that indeed, health is wealth! Your body will thank you for it. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and fit YOU!


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