7 Emotional Stages Brides Go Through Before Their Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is not a simple task! Just imagine the roller coaster ride that every bride-to-be goes through!

1. Excitement

What bride-to-be wouldn’t be excited? It starts off with sharing the news with the whole world “Hey, I’m getting married!!!” After that, all you can do is think about your big day! You can’t wait to start buying wedding magazines, making Pinterest boards, and searching online for wedding ideas!

2. Stress

Once you have that perfect wedding idea, the fun is over and the work begins! You start looking for your suppliers, fixing your wedding budget, and organizing your timeline for all the tasks that lie ahead.

It’s like, “Hold on, let’s take a break. I need a drink!”

3. Frustration

Planning for your wedding starts taking over your life, and you get so overwhelmed with the stress to the point where everyone and everything is annoying! Everyone is going to have an opinion about your wedding, and it’ll drive you nuts!!!

And you’re like, “Umm… Hold on, hold on!!! Whose wedding is this?”

4. Exhaustion

There comes a point when wedding planning feels like your full-time job. There will be days when you wouldn’t want to leave your bed because you’re simply too tired to function!

5. Indifference

This is the stage where your Maid of Honor, wedding planner, and mother become the most useful. At one point, due to all the stress and frustration, you’ll just have to delegate tasks to your trusted ones! Most of the important details have been laid out anyways, so all they have to do is make sure your dream wedding happens without a hitch.

6. Panic

Oh no!! The wedding is in two months! Are you prepared? You start to panic and think “Am I ready?? Are my flower arrangements set?? Did I pick the right flowers?? What color are my dinner napkins again??”

7. Happiness.

In the end, you realize that it’s your wedding day, and you’ve made it! Today is the day you’re marrying the man of your dreams so nothing else matters because you’re starting a new life with the person you love the most!

So now we all know what you ladies go through, and we’re here to support you 100%!

You go, girl!


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