18 Unique Ring Boxes For Your Wedding Bands

After saying “I do”, have you thought about where you will keep your wedding bands? How about housing your precious wedding rings in a unique case? Instead of the traditional ring box, here’s a collection of 18 adorable ring boxes that we know you will love. Or if you are expecting a proposal, send this to your man so he can surprise you when he propose! Scroll on.


Modern and Chic

If you’re looking for something minimalist and chic, these are perfect for you. These ring boxes come in sleek designs with subtle details.







Vintage and Royal

What if you’re a vintage bride whose wedding is reminiscent royalty? Don’t worry, we got you! Here are designs that fit your theme–think elaborate details, velvet finishing, and even one shaped like a crown.








Wooden and Polished

Clean-looking designs with cutest details, these wooden ring boxes are simply charming. Check out the Mt. Fuji ring box that opens at the top–it’s it adorable?








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