18 Prop Ideas for Your Engagement Session

Are you looking for ideas on how to make your engagement session extra special? Look no further, because we’ve rounded up a list of brilliant prop ideas for engagement photos you’ll be proud to show your future grandkids. Get ready to take some notes now!


1. Fun at a party is spelled out with balloons, so why not take a couple with you from a simple white pair to a couple of giant-sized ones!

01 Balloon 1

[Photo from An Effortless Bond by KC Professional Photography]


02 Balloon 2

[Photo from Pirouettes and Kisses by Amee Cheung Photography]


2. If you’re in the mood for some crafting, try one of these adorable fabric banners.

03 Banner 1

[Photo from Sunday Morning Love by Isa Photography]


04 Banner 2

[Photo from Shifting Scenes by Amee Cheung Photography]


3. Or how about taking your cool ride out for a spin?

05 Car 1

[Photo from Woodland Escapade by Feel in the Blank]


06 Car 2

[Photo from Irresistible Romance by French Grey Photography]


3. If you can’t choose between the banner and the car, just have both!

07 Banner and Car

[Photo from A Wistful Getaway by Jada Poon Photography]


4. For a more laid back afternoon, you can go for matching bicycles instead.

08 Bikes

[Photo from Beloved Barcelona by Hyvis Tong]


5. Or go embrace nature with a memorable horse ride.

15 Horse

[Photo from Provençal Countryside Engagement by Le Beuf Studios]


6. Sometimes a gorgeous bouquet is really all you need.

09 Flowers 1

10 Flowers 2

[Photos from Wild Meanderings by Chen Kuaimer]


7. But you can always top it up with a romantic flower crown.

11 Flower Crown 1

[Photo from Charming Garden Editorial by Jenny Tong Photography]


12 Flower Crown 2

[Photo from Rustic Romance Styled Shoot by Heather Photography]


8. If you have a furry best friend, bring them along with you!

13 Pet

[Photo from A Pocket of Sunshine by Amee Cheung Photography]


9. You guys can wear matching crowns if you’d like!

14 Crown + Pet

[Photo from Mesmerizing Mornings by Jenny Tong Photography]


10. Consider taking some time to enjoy your favorite drink.

18 Drink 1

[Photo from Sakura Adventures by Hyvis Tong]


19 Drink 2

[Photo from Cozy Campfire Picnic by Hera Films]


11. Or go all out with a full picnic spread!

20 Picnic 1

[Photo from Simple Pleasures by Blissfullysweet]


21 Picnic 2

[Photo from A Wonderful Adventure by History Studio]


12. You can go the quirky route with these artsy masks.

26 Mask 1

[Photo from A Quirky Commitment by The Peeping Thom]


27 Mask 2

[Photo from Wander into Wonderland by Hugh’s Hue]


13. Or give a nod to tradition with matching folk costumes.

28 Traditional 1

[Photo from Memories of Mongolia by Martin Aesthetics]


29 Traditional 2

[Photo from Wide-eyed Wanderers by Ben Yew Photography]


14. If you can’t be bothered to prepare such elaborate props, there are easy and free options too like breaking out a dance move or two,

16 Dance 1

[Photo from Pirouettes and Kisses by Amee Cheung Photography]


17 Dance 2

[Photo form Love in Motion by Androids in Boots]


15. Or just being in the presence of famous landmarks.

22 Landmarks 1

[Photo from Sweet Sailing by Metro Photo]


23 Landmarks 2

[Photo from Summertime in Paris by KC Professional Photography]


24 Landmarks 3

[Photo from A Parisian Escape by Binc Photography]


25 Landmarks 4

[Photo from Lovely Tuscan Engagement by Facibeni Fotografia]


16. You can go frolicking in snow,

30 Snow 1

[Photo from Snowy Escapades by Martin Aesthetics]


31 Snow 2

[Photo from Breathtaking Iceland Elopement by Nordica Photography]


32 Traditional + Snow

[Photo from Wintry Whispers by The Royal Workshop Japan]


17. Stand under a canopy of sakura flowers,

33 Sakura 1

[Photo from Ethereal Blooms by Lukas Chan Photo Lab]


34 Sakura 2

[Photo from Sakura Showers by History Studio]


18. Or chase after a simple, beautiful sunset.

35 Sunset 1

[Photo from Dreamy California Engagement by Erich McVey]


36 Sunset 2

[Photo from Sunset Stroll by Lauhaus.co]


In the end, all that matters is that you have each other, because love really is the best accessory. <3

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