15 Ways to Incorporate the Lucky Color Red into Your Wedding

The color red symbolizes good fortune, joy, passion, and love in Chinese wedding traditions. Who wouldn’t want these things in their lives right? So if you want a little luck on your wedding day, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of ways to incorporate it into small details and grand ones too. So grab a pen and paper and get ready to jot down which ideas you’ll be using for future reference!

1.) The most prominent statement you can make as a bride is by wearing it as the color of choice for your wedding dress or Qun gua.


[Photo from Delicate Drama by Binc Photography]

2.) Are your fingers itching to create some D.I.Y wall decor for the reception? Try these fun paper flowers!

[Photo from D.I.Y. Paper Peonies by nikkiloveu]

3.) A boutonniere on your main man can be a subtle nod to make use of the color

[Photo from Ravishing Romance by MCPHOTOGRAPHY.hk]

4.) They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they forgot to mention that they go hand-in-hand with romantic rubies!

[Photo from Sun-kissed Charm by Heather Lai]

5.) You could take the hue into your hands literally by having it in your bouquet.

[Photo from English Garden Engagement by Sophia Kwan Photography]

6.) Taylor Swift has convinced us of the classic red lip, and it makes for a great makeup look for the Big Day.

[Photo from Parisian Perfection by Claire Morris]

7.) Why not walk down the aisle in a divine-looking crimson pair of shoes?

[Photo from Ravishing Romance by MCPHOTOGRAPHY.hk]

8.) Let your invitation suite speak volumes with this fiery tone.

[Photo from Lavishly Yours by Claire Morgan]

9.) Wear it in your hair either as a flower crown, a clip, or even a fascinator.

[Photo from Lovers in Hong Kong by The Galeria]

10.) You could even use it as the garnish topper in the form of ripe berries for your wedding cake.

[Photo from Warmth on Cold Days by Martin Aesthetics]

11.) If you think it may overpower the rest of your palette, you could opt for more subtle details like a trimming on your table place cards.

[Photo from Vintage One Thirty-One Wedding by Henry F]

12.) Get your furry friends in on the color trend through adorable accessories like this bowtie!

[Photo from A Pocket of Sunshine by Amee Cheung Photography]

13.) Let your guests indulge in some candy-red treats for dessert time!

[Photo from 12 Sweet Treats from Hong Kong Bakers by Vive]

14.) If you’re looking for a unique ceremony venue, why not try a rustic off-red barn house?

[Photo from Rustic Barnyard Bliss by Hera Films]

15.) When all is said and done, you can ride away in your funky, old-school, cherry-colored ride!

[Photo from Jungle Serenade by Jonas Peterson]

So there you have it! 15 easy ways you can add red to your wedding’s color scheme. We wish you all the good fortune, joy, passion, and love for life!

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