15 Inexpensive D.I.Y. Food Wedding Favor Ideas

Hi, everyone! We hope today’s off to a great start. If not, don’t fret, we have something fun for you today: a roundup of cute and inexpensive wedding D.I.Y. wedding favor ideas! It’s always nice to give a little something to your guests as a sign of gratitude. To make it more interesting, why not personalize it a bit? Here are some of the cutest examples we found online. And guess, what, these won’t cost you an arm and a leg; these are inexpensive ideas you can do yourself! Read on to see more now.


1) Chocolate

A little something to get sweetness in the air.

[Photo: Etsy]

[Photo: Little Indie Studio via Etsy]


2) Mint

Dress up your favorite mint candy and share them with your guests.

[Photo: Something Turquoise]

[Photo: Something Turquoise]


3) Fortune Cookies

Share the good fortune with everyone at your wedding.

[Photo: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography]


4) Hot Sauce

It’s a smokin’ celebration, so extend the heat some more with these hot sauce bottles favors.

[Photo: Amber Gress Photography]

[Photo: Chloe Giancola Photography]


5) Coffee Beans

Keep the love brewing even after the wedding with coffee beans as your wedding favor!

[Photo: Something Turquoise]

[Photo: Lauren Fair Photography]


6) Olive Oil

This is absolutely useful; no doubt guests will appreciate some herb-infused olive oil.

[Photo: Evermine]


7) Honey

This natural sweetener is enough to get all your guests excited; trust us.

[Photo: Kate Preftakes Photography]

[Photo: Wedding Wire]


8) Alcohol

Who will turn down alcohol? No one. Send your guests home with a little something to help them remember what a grand time they had.

[Photo: The Wedding of Your Life]

[Photo: Albert Palmer Photography]


9) S’mores On-the-Go

Still keeping it sweet, share s’more love with these packed s’mores.

[Photo: Mavora via Etsy]

[Photo: Well Wishes Paper via Etsy]


10) Pretzels in a Jar

Snacking is something everyone does. So here’s a great idea for all your guests: D.I.Y. snack jars!

[Photo: Something Turquoise]

[Photo: Something Turquoise]


11) Sparkling Drinks

Like we said, drinks are always welcome. So here’s another idea. Let your guests take some some sparkling drinks.

[Photo: Sweetwater Portraits]


12) Popcorn Packs

More snacks? Why not? Popcorn is a classic, so feel free to give some to your guests to thank them for poppin’ by.

[Photo: PartyGlamour via Etsy]


13) Spices

Just like olive oil, spices are also very useful. You can go with something simple–like a salt and pepper mix–or your very own D.I.Y. mix.

[Photo: Something Turquoise]

[Photo: Something Turquoise]


14) Gummies

Kiddie gummies are always fun! So let your guests go home with fun gummies packed with lots of love.

[Photo: Little Liva Bakery via Etsy]

15) Macarons

Last but now the least, pretty as always, pack a pair of macarons in the same color scheme as your wedding; every single guest will love this favor.

[Photo: Atiana’s Boutique Bridal]

[Photo: Canon Green Charleston]


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