14 Fun Chinese Door Games for the Groom and Groomsmen

One important Chinese wedding tradition is the ceremony when the groom picks up the bride to bring her to his home. Before the groom can claim his bride, he usually has to undergo a series of tests in the form of fun games, also called “door games”.  Today, we’re sharing with you 14 fun games that will surely be challenging for your groom and groomsmen, and will make everyone laugh and have a good time!

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(1) No Money, No Honey

This is usually one of the first obstacles that the groom’s party has to go through. The bridesmaids will ask for an amount of money to be given to them before they allow the groomsmen into the house. The usual amounts are usually HK$ 888 or HK$ 999. This is because 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture. On the other hand, 9 represents eternity, which is fitting for the start of a marriage.

[From: A Grey-Themed Wedding with Vibrant Red Flowers / Photo: Heather Lai]

(2) Sweet Serenade

The groom has to sing a very, very sappy love song so the bride can hear the groom. The more sappy and the more cheesy, the better! Then the bridal party can keep asking the guys to turn their volume up.

(3) Doing the Limbo

Nothing is more fun than watching a bunch of grown men try to limbo their way beneath a string or piece of wood while everyone one cheers them on through fits of laughter. It’s a challenge of how far a man will bend over for his loved one!

(4) Q&A

The groom must answer correctly every question asked about the bride and their relationship. For every incorrect answer, the groom and his entourage will have to either do presses or sit ups!

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(5) No Pain, No Gain

No pain no gain they say… so in this game, the girls wax the all the boys’ legs!

(6) Passing the Seaweed

The groomsmen and the groom have to first stand in a straight line. Then, they will be given a seaweed to pass along. However, they can only pass it to one another using their mouths. In order to make the game more exciting, the seaweed can be cut into very small pieces.

[Source: nikkiloveu]

(7) Pick the Mahjongs

The groom and the groomsmen have to put their feet into a large pot of ice water. There will be mahjongs in the pot and they need to pick the seeds up using their feet and toes only. It’s certainly a challenge with the ice-cold water! (You might even set rules for which mahjongs to pick to increase difficulties!)

(8) Cross Dress Challenge

To prove his love, the groom and his groomsmen must dress in tights and leotards (over their suit is fine) or bra and knickers and then dance to a funky song set by the ladies!

[From: Delicate Drama / Photo: Binc Photography]

(9) Pass it On

The groom and the groomsmen must be arranged in one long line. An apple or orange is placed under the chin of the first one in the line. He must then pass the fruit to the next guy in line without using any hands until it reaches the last one! (We believe your creativity is not limited to apples or oranges only.)

(10) Different Flavors

A marriage may go through the following four flavours–sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. So, to test the grooms ability of being able to cope with what marriage may bring, the groom and the rest of the boys have to eat or drink something of each flavour… it needs to be VERY Sweet, VERY Sour, VERY Bitter and VERY Spicy.

[From: A Grey-Themed Wedding with Vibrant Red Flowers / Photo: Heather Lai]

(11) Tell Me Why

The friends of the bride will ask the groom why he loves her. He has to say it loud so that the bride can hear clearly. He may be even asked to write these reasons down on a large piece of board. Of course he will need to sign on the board to express the idea that he will love the bride forever.

(12) Love Declaration

To prove his undying love, the groom has to recite a poem about his love for his new bride.

[From: The Beginning of Eternity / Photo: Moments and You]

(13) Push-ups Challenge

The groom and groomsmen have to do push ups while singing some love songs! This is quite a feat indeed because the men run out of energy almost instantaneously when doing push ups and singing.

(14) Let’s Kiss

The bridesmaids will apply lipstick on the groom. Then he will be asked to kiss the groomsmen one by one. Another version of the game is to apply lipstick to all the groomsmen and ask them to kiss him, preferably mouth to mouth.

[From: That Magical Moment / Photo: Lauhaus.co]


Don’t you want to play them all?! The groom will definitely do everything it takes to win his bride. Even if it means completing 14 games in order to do so!


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