13 Tips to Help You Narrow Down Your Wedding Vendors

Choosing your wedding vendors is a vital part of wedding planning. You want to select exceptional individuals and teams to be with you and help you create your dream wedding. There are many, many options out there, so how does one go about narrowing them down? How do you know which vendor is a perfect fit for you an your husband-to-be? Today’s article will help you on this matter. Here’s a detailed guide on what to do, what to look out for, and what to take note of so you can easily come to a decision on which wedding vendor you’ll book for your wedding.

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(1) Go online and research.

Thanks to social media, there are so many resources for you to turn to when looking for vendors. Make the most of the digital space. It’s a tool to maximize throughout the wedding planning process.

(2) View a vendor’s entire wedding portfolio, not only their best work.

When researching for vendors, check their websites. A good website says a lot about a vendor. Also make sure to check the entire portfolio, not only the best work (you might have to dig deep into the galleries to see more of their work).

(3) Exclude vendors whose price ranges are beyond your budget.

This already helps cut the list to a manageable number and it keeps you within your budget.

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(4) But even if you have a budget, don’t settle.

With good research, you can still find a vendor that meets your budget and still can achieve what you want for your wedding.

(5) Get in touch with recent clients to get timely feedback.

If some of your friends or acquaintances recently got married and you’re eyeing a vendor of theirs, go ahead and ask for feedback from the couple. Getting some insight on their experience with the vendor will be very helpful.

(6) Take recommendations from friends and family carefully because compatibility is still key.

After you complete getting feedback, think about them and consider what you think is relevant to you. Compatibility is still key when establishing working relations with vendors. In gathering feedback (as in number 3), you might realize that the past client just wasn’t compatible with the vendor, and that you might actually be compatible. Be open to possibilities. If you think a vendor might still be right for your despite some discouraging feedback, keep him or her on the list.


[From: Romantic Rustic Garden Wedding in Tuscany / Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]


(7) Meet all your shortlisted vendors.

This is very important. You want to get to know the people you’ll potentially be working with for your special day. Meeting them in person gives you a more tangible idea of who they are and conversing with them allows you to examine if you’re a fit! Note first impressions, observe how do they react, check how quickly they respond, and be mindful of how they conduct themselves. Professional demeanor is a must, too! And you will only get an idea of a vendor’s level of professionalism upon meeting him or her.

(8) Look for someone who matches your sense of style and understands it.

During the meeting, you will also be able to establish whether a vendor matches your style and understands what you want to achieve. It’s essential to book someone who knows and understands your vision–your wedding depends on it!

(9) But alongside to number 8, see beyond your own style, so you can examine how vendors work.

Be open to ideas and ask for vendors’ input. This way you get a glimpse of how they work, their creativity, and if the can add more value to your ideas. You want someone who will also go the extra mile and has fresh, new ideas to add to your own.


[From: An Elegant All-White Wedding at the Glass Pavilion / Photo: MC Photography]


(10) Look for a team player.

Check working experiences and collaborations among vendors. If a photographer has already worked with a venue or a stylist, you can further ask about past work experiences they had together. It’s a good way to get feedback on how vendors work with other vendors. This is important because all your vendors will be working together on your wedding day. You want to put together a positive and collaborative team.

(11) Ask for mock-ups wherever applicable.

This is applicable to stylists or other vendors that will handle decorations. Mock-ups are important because these allow you to see their actual work. Photos can be deceiving.

(12) Don’t assume anything. Ask everything.

When meeting vendors, don’t assume any detail. Beware of pricing inclusions and exclusions as well. Sometimes there are hidden costs that turn up down the line, when the wedding is near. Hence, always ask questions, check all the fine print, and don’t leave the meeting with unclear expectations.

(13) Be honest.

Don’t be afraid to say your feedback or concerns to a vendor. You can always articulate why you are undecided or what you think can still be worked out in a professional way. Be honest and open so vendors know where you’re coming from and can work on solutions if you and they still want to explore working together.


[From: Classic Romantic Wedding at Hong Kong Gold Coast / Photo: Belle & Olive]


After all these, hopefully you have a rough idea of which vendors will make it to your final wedding team.


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