12 Makeup Artists for that Perfect Bridal Look

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. One crucial vendor that will help her achieve that bridal glow is definitely her makeup artist! Today, we’ve put together a list of 12 makeup artists who can help any bride look her best on the biggest day of her life.




Caroline Sze of Seasoning is a famed artist with experience and background from various international makeup brands. She is known for her fashion and advertising makeup as well as her celebrity styling. For bridal beauty, her philosophy is to create timeless beauty and individuality that emanates from within.

  • Price: Engagement rate starts at HK$7,500 (Caroline) / HK$4,000 (Sprout Team), Wedding Day rate starts at HK$12,000 (Caroline) / HK$6,000 (Sprout Team)
  • Years of Experience: 15 years
  • Style: Timeless, reflecting individuality, glowing from inside out

[Feature: Harmonius Bliss / Photo: Isa Photography]



Xing MaQuillage

Xing Yip, who is known in the industry under the name Xing MaQuillage, is an all-around stylist and make-up artist who is specializing in bridal makeup. She takes inspiration from her love for art which allows her to turn each face into a beautiful masterpiece.
  • Price: Engagement rate starts at HK$2,600, Wedding Day rate starts at HK$3,800
  • Years of Experience: 5 years
  • Style: French style

[Feature: Vintage Industrial Editorial / Photo: Heather Photography]



Gabbie Lee

Gabbie Lee is known in the local and international industry because of her eye for detail and her innate ability to enhance facial features. Makeup is her one, true passion. She loves making her clients feel beautiful and she is driven by the transformation that brings out their natural beauty.

  • Price: Engagement rate starts at HK$2,800, Wedding Day rate starts at HK$3,800
  • Years of Experience: 6 years
  • Style: Chic, timeless, elegant, and romantic

[Feature: Dignified Charm / Photo: Jada Poon Photography]


MerryMarry Makeup

Artist Sandy Wong of MerryMarry Makeup takes pride in her a natural Western style of makeup that is a popular choice of brides today. She also highlights that she uses products with all-natural ingredients as skin care is still a top priority for her and her brides.
  • Price:Engagement rate starts at HK$3,000, Wedding Day rate starts at HK$9,980
  • Years of Experience: Over 11 years
  • Style: Natural, Western

[Feature: B&B Editorial: Modern Boheme (Part Two) / Photo: Sophia Kwan]



Kimmy Image

She believes the right makeup can highlight the most beautiful side of every woman. She loves to design different styles for brides that they can show their best side on their big day.

  • Price: Engagement rate starts from HK$2,000, Wedding Day rate starts from HK$4,880
  • Years of Experience: 4 years
  • Style: Elegance, fresh, western style

[Feature: Endearing Romance / Photo: Jada Poon Photography]



Beaute Wedding Make-up by Bart Ko

Bart Ko and the team from Beaute Wedding Make-up are committed to understanding each bride’s personality. After getting to know the bride, the team customizes the overall makeup and hairstyle based on what will ensure her utmost comfort and confidence come wedding day.

  • Price: Engagement rate starts from HK$6,000, Wedding Day rate starts from HK$3,500
  • Years of Experience: 13 years
  • Style: Tailor-fit makeup and hairstyle

[Feature: Elegant Ever After / Photo: History Studio]



Ka Lam Makeup

Ka Lam and her team focus on bringing out each bride’s style and personality into her overall bridal look. She also believes that brides can feel confident and beautiful on their wedding day with natural, fresh makeup.

  • Price: Starts from HK$1,680
  • Years of Experience: 12 years
  • Style: Natural, fresh makeup

[Feature: Blue Rendezvous / Photo: Hilary Chan Photography]



Mini Chan Make-up Artist & Hairstylist

Mini Chan and her team work towards enhancing and expressing each bride’s beauty in the best possible and most comfortable way. She is well-known and well-trusted for the care and detail she places into achieving each bride’s “perfect” look.

  • Price: Starts from HK$4,600
  • Years of experience: 10 years
  • Style: The “perfect” look


Makeup Fever

Makeup Fever’s team Euthy, Yanky and Cath are experts in designing custom-made bridal images. Each member has many years of experience with makeup and hair styling. For them, styling is a passion more than just a job. They aim to reveal the natural beauty of each bride.

  • Price: Engagement rate starts from HK$1,600, Wedding Day rate starts from HK$3,500
  • Years of Experience: Over 5 years
  • Style: Simple and elegant

[Feature: A Pocket of Sunshine / Photo: Amee Photography]



Joman Wedding

Joey Tang and her team aims to create makeup and hairstyles that enhances, never over-powers, and lasts from morning until night. Joman makeup provides customized wedding packages for their clients which makes their brides feel like herself only, prettier, sexier, and as perfect as possible.

  • Price: Starts from HK$2,500
  • Years of Experience: Over 5 years
  • Style: Natural, Western, Timeless

[Feature: Irresistible Romance / Photo: French Grey Photography]



Yumi’s Makeup & Hair

Yumi and her parter Marc are known for their simple and elegant makeup and styling. The tag team specializes in timeless looks that that highlight the beauty in the natural and less embellished.

  • Price:Engagement rate starts at HK$3,280, Wedding Day rate starts at HK$9,680
  • Years of Experience: 13 years
  • Style: Simple, delicate, and elegant, fashion and makeup style

[Feature: Dreamy Duo / Photo: Binc Photography]



Kelly Mak Hair & Makeup Styling

Kelly’s makeup is all about bringing out each bride’s best features. Her style is natural and timeless as she creates gorgeous and radiant looks. Kelly says her brides do not just look beautiful, they also feel confident with their own beauty.

  • Price: Engagement rate starts at HK$3,800, Wedding Day rate starts at HK$7,50o
  • Years of Experience: 20 years
  • Style: Natural and timeless
[Feature: One Fine Day / Photo: Nadia Hung]


As a final note to all brides out there, remember that whatever look you want, and whomever makeup artist you choose, the most beautiful asset of the day is still YOU!

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  1. Kelly Mak did my hair and make up when I got married. She is wonderfully calming and she is a total wizard, you look like you, but at your best. You walk down the aisle knowing that when people tell you how beautiful you look, they are not just being polite… if anything some of the over enthused “wows” made me question what I must look like in a regular basis!

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