11 Caterers Who Can Whip Up a Sumptuous Feast for Your Wedding

It’s a known fact that one part of weddings that guests always look forward to is meal time! Indeed, guests rave about not only beautiful weddings, but also weddings with delicious food. It’s a special day after all, so it’s fitting to pair this milestone with a feast to remember. Here are eleven caterers in Hong Kong who help you do just that.


(1) Delicious

Delicious, which started in 2003, is Hong Kong’s premier catering company, with over a decade’s worth of experience and thousands of successful events under its belt. Their name says it all: Delicious flavours that leave guests wanting more. Their catered menus are forever bespoke, each perfectly suited to the occasion and always filled with a Delicious assortment of flavours. Whether it’s bow-tied waiters and silver canapé trays at your private event, wedding, a corporate affair where palate discretion is key, or a rowdy junk party with finger-food flowing freely, this caterer will ensure your event is always Delicious.

  • Minimum Charge: HK$150 per head for canapés delivery only, to HK$480 per head for a sit down dinner with a 3-course wedding menu.
  • Minimum Pax: 25 pax
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Western, Chinese, International, all. Delicious can do Western and Asian Cuisine and fusion, all of which depends on what the client likes.
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Delicious normally focuses on the food and service, making sure everything runs smoothly while leaving the styling to the experts. Outdoor and indoors wedding are their our expires.
  • Other Special Offers: Boats available for wedding venue for 30 to 50 people with all inclusive packages. Please contact directly for more information.
  • Website: http://www.delicious-hk.com/


(2) Elephant Grounds

In 2013, two entrepreneurs came together in the search of the perfect cup of coffee. Becoming tired of mainstream overly roasted and stale beans, and the usual watered down coffee; they took matters into their own hands in the pursuit of the best cup of coffee in Hong Kong. Now, nearly 4 years later, Elephant Grounds has grown into a small network of 5 cafes, with the occasional pop-up.

  • Minimum Charge: None.
  • Minimum Pax: None.
  • Kinds of Menu Available: All types. They cater all events to the needs and desires of the client with customized menus to suit clients’ needs.
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Yes.
  • Other Special Offers: It varies per client. Some examples include, ice cream carts, coffee carts, drink bar, pass around, buffet, kids parties, carving stations, BBQ set ups, grilling stations, and so much more.
  • Website: http://www.elephantgrounds.com/


(3) Gingers

Established in 2001, Gingers is a privately owned company that provides outside catering to both corporate and private clients all over Hong Kong. Since opening its doors, Gingers has catered numerous events from small dinner parties to large-scale cocktail party events. A major part of Gingers’ business comes from corporate Hong Kong, however, private clients play a big part as well from weddings to significant birthdays and many other types of events.

  • Minimum Charge: Seated – HK$720 per pax, Buffet – HK$350 per pax, and Cocktail – HK$288 per pax.
  • Minimum Pax: Seated – 8 pax, Buffet – 20 pax, and Cocktail – 30 pax.
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Western.
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Yes, simple floral decoration is available as well as equipment rental.
  • Other Special Offers: Please contact directly.
  • Website: http://www.gingers.com.hk/


(4) Invisible Kitchen

Truly personalised wedding dining is easily within reach with Hong Kong’s award-winning gourmet caterers Invisible Kitchen. From crafting a dining concept around your vision, to developing the menu and fine-tuning the service details, Invisible Kitchen’s Head Chef Tom Burney and his dedicated gourmet events team works closely with clients to ensure an unforgettable wedding feast. Invisible Kitchen offers deliciously innovative catering for any type of wedding. From wedding boat trips and cocktail parties, to picnic hampers and BBQs, or more formal sit down dinners,  Invisible Kitchen design and tailor menus to suit your special day.

  • Minimum Charge: Starting HK$200 per head for essential buffet, HK$750 per pax for family style sit down menus.
  • Minimum Pax: Depends on chosen menu package.
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Western, Fusion
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Simple styling only.
  • Other Special Offers: Donut wall, dessert spoon wall, and baileys and cookies pyramid, and more.
  • Website: http://www.invisiblekitchen.com/

(5) Munch

Munch was established in 2002 to meet the increasing market demand for quality International Fusion Food catering services in the region of Hong Kong. Munch provides semi-products and bakery products to hotels, restaurants, cafes, and produces a large variety of international-standard food and beverages for various functions. In addition, Munch also provides off-premise catering services. Munch cares for customers’ health, taste and needs. Hence, food quality comes first, and rates and charges come in reasonable price ranges.

  • Minimum Charge: None.
  • Minimum Pax: None.
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Customized for clients’ needs and the kind of event.
  • Option for Catering and Styling: No, catering only.
  • Other Special Offers: Please contact directly.
  • Website: http://www.munch.com.hk/


(6) Pomegranate Kitchen

Finding its inspiration for the shores of the Mediterranean, Pomegranate Kitchen is a Hong Kong based Catering and Events company with two unique venues in Wong Chuk Hang. Covering all stages of your special day, from styling, food, design and coordination, Pomegranate aims to make your vision a reality. Whether your event is at your office, home or one of our venues in Wong Chuk Hang, a cocktail reception or an 8 course fine dining experience, the Pomegranate team will create the perfect event for you.
  • Minimum Charge: HK$25,000
  • Minimum Pax: 14 pax
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Mediterranean
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Can provide styling and catering, or just catering.
  • Other Special Offers: Dessert bar, drinks bar, and more.
  • Website: http://www.pomegranate.com.hk/


(7) Supreme Catering

Supreme Catering Professional Catering Team adheres to the fine tradition of Tsui Wah Group and is dedicated to build up a superior catering team. The team is motivated, energetic, innovative and willing to accept new challenges. The Supreme Catering strives to produce the best quality of food with the most sincere and meticulous attitude of service for all their customers.

  • Minimum Charge: Starting HK$208 per person for cocktail.
  • Minimum Pax: 50 pax
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Western, Chinese, International, all types.
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Catering only.
  • Other Special Offers: Dessert corner.
  • Website: http://www.supremecatering.com.hk/


(8) Tasty Catering

Tasty Catering was founded by Chef Ricky Li who had been in the F&B industry for over 20 years. Chef Ricky started his career in a Japanese Restaurant and quickly worked his way up as the Executive Chef of a local 5 stars hotel in 2013. Throughout the years working in various hotels, he gained tremendous experience in catering for weddings and different events which he now applies into every dish by Tasty. Chef Ricky takes tremendous pride in providing high quality, delicate, and healthy gourmet foods to his clients. The Tasty team creates all dishes with passion and with the health and well-being of clients in mind–no MSG is added and the use of oil, salt, and sugar during the cooking process is minimal.

  • Minimum Charge: HK$2,500 for drop off canapés and $50,000 for on site catering.
  • Minimum Pax: 150 pax for on site catering.
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Western, Chinese, International, all. Mainly Canapés and Western buffet but Asian, Chinese, and Fusion buffets are also available.
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Catering only.
  • Other Special Offers: Dessert bar, drinks bar, and more.
  • Website: https://tasty-catering.hk/


(9) Te Momento

Te Momento’s mission is to help couples achieve their dream garden wedding by providing European-style rustic decoration, equipment, and more. Alongside this, Te Momento provides wedding catering, buffets, and ice cream cart services. For a stress-free planning process, Te Memento also has an all-in-one service that includes catering, outdoor wedding consultancy, and rental of furnitures and audio equipment. They own a private outdoor venue over 3,000 feet in size that can cater to weddings for 60 to 100 pax. To fulfil the needs of vegetarians, they also have a vegetarian menu.
  • Minimum Charge: HK$168 per pax
  • Minimum Pax: 60 pax
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Personalised menu including western, southern-east and japanese style.
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Can cater to the couple’s preference and offers personalised styling and decoration.
  • Other Special Offers: Rustic style wine barrel drink corner, Italian ice cream carts with high quality custom handmade ice cream, large wood barrel ice cart, handmade ice cream cups as wedding favors, and other favors such as Earl Grey chocolate, black tea, Tieguanyin tea, and more.
  • Website: https://www.temomento.com.hk/


(10) Twins Kitchen

Twins Kitchen, founded by twin brothers Caleb and Joshua Ng, is an international F&B consultancy which also owns and operates eight outlets worldwide. As F&B consultants, Twins Kitchen provides professional advices, support, and guidance to clients, forthcoming and existing restaurants. Twins Kitchen also provides catering services tailor made to clients’ event needs.
  • Minimum Charge: HK$30,000
  • Minimum Pax: None.
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Western
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Yes, can do both, catering and styling.
  • Other Special Offers: Tailor made dishes and drinks, on site bartending, pancake buffet, tailor made beer, tailor made tea, and more.
  • Website: http://www.twins-kitchen.com/


(11) Zebratasty

Zebratasty is a fast-growing caterer that offers food and beverage solutions for international events, conferences, and corporate functions. Products and services offered include gourmet canape, full buffet set-up, marquee and catering equipment rental, experienced servers, and importantly, excellent customer service. Volvo Ocean Race, Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships, as well as AIA The Great European Carnival are some of the events Zebratasty look after.

  • Minimum Charge: HK$2,000, but clients can get a Taster Box filled with popular finger food delivered at HK$250.
  • Minimum Pax: None.
  • Kinds of Menu Available: Western, Korean, and Japanese. Standard packaged menus are available on website. More often than not, menus are tailor made for customers based on their budget and menu preference.
  • Option for Catering and Styling: Please contact directly.
  • Other Special Offers: Please contact directly.
  • Website: https://www.zebratasty.com/



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