10 Ways to Honor Your Original Wedding Date After COVID-19 Reschedule

For all the brides who have decided to postpone their wedding, this one’s for you! Just because you can’t have your wedding on your original date, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Here’s a fact: your original wedding date will always have a special place in your heart, so why not honor it and still make it memorable? Here are some simple things you can do at home commemorate your original wedding date.

[From: There’s No Place Like Home / Photo: Heather Lai Photography]


(1) Dress Up

Get dressed because you want to look nice if you’re going to celebrate. Trade your lounge wear for a pretty dress for you and a dressy coat set for your fiancé.

[From: A Romantic Pre-wedding Indoor Portrait Session at Rosewood Hong Kong / Photo: Hilary Chan Photography]


(2) Order Good Food

No home-cooked meal tonight! Time to get yourselves something a little more fancy since you’re having a special dinner to honor your original wedding date. You can even get something inspired by your original menu choice.

(3) Decorate Your Home with Flowers

A little flowers will definitely lift the mood at home and make your dining room feel more dressed up. You can imagine that you’re in an intimate restaurant with your most favorite person in the world!


[From: For Their Pre-wedding Shoot, This Couple Opened a Box Full of Keepsakes / Photo: Michelle Kwok Photography]


(4) Pop Open a Bottle of Wine

A celebration isn’t complete with some wine or champagne, so what are you waiting for? Make sure you pop open a bottle today.

(5) Slow Dance To Your Favorite Song

There’s always room for some dancing. Today, put on your favorite song and slow dance under the stars. You can’t pass on a chance to slow dance, just because you aren’t going to have your first dance as husband and wife tonight. Don’t miss on this romantic moment today.


[From: There’s No Place Like Home / Photo: Heather Lai Photography]


(6) Exchange Love Letters

It’s not yet time for vows, but it can be time for some sweet words as comfort during this time of trial. Agree? Wedding planning these days is an even more emotional journey. Coming to your decision to postpone your wedding was probably a really tough choice. Exchange words of comfort today to keep the hope and optimism afire.

(7) Slice Some Cake

Today will not be complete without dessert! Yup, a cake cutting ceremony may not be in place right now, but you can surely end your meal with your favorite cake.


[From: What Made This Engagement Extra Inviting? The Couple’s Spread of Delicious Dessert! / Photo: Lovey Dovey Photography]


(8) Take Photos

Document the day! Take as many photos and videos as you can. A special date like this deserves to be remembered.

(9) Go Online with Family and Friends

How about spending some time with family and friends through a simple online meeting? If not for the pandemic, they would be celebrating with you too today. Your loved ones have been supporting you and will always be there for you. Make them a part of today’s stay-at-home festivities too.


[From: This Pre-wedding Shoot Took Place in Scenic Locations All Over Hong Kong / Photo: Chester Kher Creations]


(10) Be Thankful

Lastly, be grateful nonetheless. Things may not have gone as planned, but there’s always space to be thankful. A grateful heart will keep you hopeful and happy.

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