10 Fun and Entertaining Chinese Door Games for the Groom and Groomsmen (Part 2)

One of the important and entertaining Chinese wedding tradition is the “door games” activity. This is ritual is a symbol of the groom’s love for the bride, as well as an exhibition of his perseverance to claim her is his wife. The games serve as “tests” that prove the groom is worthy to become the bride’s wife. Today, we’re adding to our initial list of games in this article. Here are 10 more fun game for you to try on your wedding day.

[From: A Serene Garden Wedding with Blush and White Details / Photo: Aupho Wedding]


(1) Dirty Dancing

Time for your groom to unleash his alter ego, a.k.a. Patrick Swayze! Or, he can just really show off how well he can sway his hips to the beat. For this challenge, put on some sexy sounds and make the groom and the groomsmen show just how sensual they can be!

(2) Eat Up!

Since men have huge appetites, why not challenge the groom and groomsmen to a speed eating challenge? Set aside some crackers (or any biscuit you want) and tell the groom and groomsmen how many crackers they need to finish at a certain time. Those who fail to finish all the crackers in the given time lose and must face a consequence.


[From: A Wedding Filled with Endless Love and Laughter / Photo: Sophia Kwan]


(3) How Well Do You Know The Bride’s Family?

Q&A games usually reveal the most interesting kinds of answers! So add a simple Q&A game all about the bride’s family. This will test the groom’s knowledge about you and your family. We’re also certain you’ll also get some really funny answers from the groomsmen.

(4) Feel the Pain

The groom should be able to endure anything for his bride, don’t you agree? This next game tests the grooms enduring powers. Put clothespin clips on different parts of the grooms body–ears, nose, lip, finger, and so on. See how many clothes pins he can endure and for how long! Let the groomsmen join in too. Then for an added challenge, tell the groom that he must outlast all his groomsmen.

(5) Damsel in Distress

As the bride’s “prince charming”, the groom must save her from all kinds of situations. This game will be the groom’s first opportunity to show his prowess. Tie the bride’s hands behind her back with a scarf and ask the groom to untie the scarf with only his mouth. Watch as your groom perseveres and sets you free!


[From: This Bride and Groom Let Their Personalities Shine On Their Wedding Day / Photo: Kel Li Art Gallery]


(6) Name That Relative

This is another form of Q&A challenge that will test the grooms knowledge of your family. Prepare photos of relatives and ask the groom to name each one. Include as many cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews as you want!

(7) How Low Can You Go?

In marriage, your groom needs to be flexible. He needs to be able to adapt to the ups and downs of marriage life, so do you. This is a simple test of flexibility. Tie a rope or ribbon across the the door opening. Ask the groom to pass through the door under the rope by bending backwards. Keep lowering the rope each time and see how far back your groom can bend!


[From: A Wedding Filled with Endless Love and Laughter / Photo: Sophia Kwan]


(8) This is The Greatest Show

Ask the groom and groomsmen before hand to prepare their best show or performance for the bride. Add more to the challenge by telling them that the performance has to showcase each member’s unique talent. You can your bride tribe can just sit back and enjoy the show!

(9) This I Promise You

Ask the groom to write down at least 10 promises he will fulfill as a married man. Give him a time limit to list them down. These should be spontaneous, top-of-mind ideas. It cane be as simple as, “give  the bride a massage every night”, and so on.

(10) Your Number 1 Fan!

Lastly, let the groom show you how he can best cheer you. Ask the groom and groomsmen to come up with a cheer performance. Then at the end of the performance, ask them to form a pyramid with the groom at the top!


[From: A Delicate Blush and White Wedding That’s Overflowing with Emotions / Photo: Emma Fok Photography]


For more Chinese wedding door games, check out part 1 of this article here.

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