21 Must-See Dresses from the 2017 Oscars

Let’s all be honest, aside from waiting eagerly to hear the winners, one reason why we stay tuned to the Academy Awards is to see what gowns will be gracing the red carpet. Since time immemorial the Oscars has been a venue for the most iconic gowns that have fed the fashion industry (and fans like us) with a whole lot of inspiration. While there are a number of stellar appearances this year, these 21 gowns have stood out and have given us more than enough ideas of how to glam up like the stars. Next time we have to dress to impress, we’re keeping tabs of these looks and you should too!


Emma Stone in Givenchy Haute Couture


Felicity Jones in Christian Dior Couture


Charlize Theron in Christian Dior Couture


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10 Ravishing Red Dresses That Bring Vibrance to Any Occasion

We’re loving the color red, and we know your are too! It’s a rich and vibrant hue that adds life to anything and everything within its presence. It’s no wonder that red dresses are favorites among brides whether it be for an engagement shoot, or as an evening dress, or as an alternative to the traditional Chinese dress. Today, we’ve put together some of the most ravishing red dresses that have come our way. So, hurry, come on over, and ogle with us! Red is really a most alluring color, and we just can’t get enough of it.


(1) How can you not love this dress with lovely beading and embellishments? Take a closer look and see the intricate details that make it stand out.




[From: Organic Garden Terrace Wedding / Photo: Lauhaus.co]


(2) If you’d like to add drama to a simple look, choose a dark crimson color. This bride is wearing a simple dress, but the deep color adds character to the entire look.



[From: A Parisian Pair / Photo: Nelwin Uy]


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An Intimate Garden Wedding with a Sparkle of Rain

What do you do when the rain decides to fall on your wedding day? Instead of panicking or letting the weather get to you, why not embrace the moment and smile upon the sparkle it adds to your day? The rain did not dampen Jasmine and Timothy’s special day. Instead, the afternoon shower added deep hues and catchy refractions of light here and there which made their photos taken by Feel in the Blank even more inviting. Their intimate ceremony was made even more cozy by the tent that sheltered them from the rain. Lastly, the smiles on the faces of every person that surrounded the couple is a confirmation that rain or shine, what really makes any wedding a happy day is the company that shares the day with you!






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The Look



A Sweet and Intimate Elopement in Paris

Escaping reality and falling victim to the world of love is an exciting and thrilling adventure. You’ll never know where love will lead you. For this duo, love led them to Paris, a place of unparalleled beauty and haven for romance. Here, they joined hands promised each other forever in an intimate union. These photos by French Grey Photography certainly captured the intricacies and delicate moments of their relationship with the French landscape as a fitting frame for every shot. See more and join this couple in their Parisian escape.







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The Look



40 Glitter Goddess Gowns for the Ultimate Sparkle on Your Big Day

My favorite day in the week has got to be Friday. Not only does it signify that the weekend has arrived, but here we always serve up the freshest and most inspiring collections that bridal designers have to offer. Today, you’ll be privy to the bedazzled affair at Elie Saab‘s S/S 2017 Couture Collection. There’s no shortage to what he can do with glitter and gems! The different ways in which these gowns were made is simply astounding and will really take your breathe away! No need for a peak, go on you can savor and stare at them all day long with me!





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