A Timeless and Elegant Wedding in France

How else would one want to wed, if not in a gorgeous chateau in France? Xue and Lingtao’s intimate wedding in Chateau de Santeny is a dream come true! Xue, a very delicate bride with attention to detail, wanted an elegant and timeless wedding. She kept everything natural, choosing organic greens and natural colors to complement the beautiful French countryside. The couple also pulled of an extra cozy celebration with only 40 guests from all around the globe thanks to heir planner, Iris Destination. As charming as can be, this couple and this wedding, are such a joy to see. A great thanks goes out to Céline Chan Photographie for bringing this lovely wedding to us today.

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Wedding Guest Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

Though there isn’t any actual written handbook on the do’s and don’ts for wedding guests, there are some unspoken rules on behavior that every guest should follow as common courtesy to the couple. If you’ve been invited to a wedding and are unsure about how to properly go about accepting the invitation and attending the wedding in the proper manner, here’s a quick guide for you!

[From: A Pretty, Coral, Peach, and White Wedding / Photo: Hyvis Tong]



(1) Do RSVP.

[From: Classic Elegance / Photo: Jenny Tong Fine Art Photography]


And RSVP on time. If you’re still not sure if you can make it by the due date, inform the couple or their planner that you need more time and give a date when they can expect your final answer. Don’t wait until the couple or the wedding planner runs after you for your response. If you initially said you can go, but for some reason after you can’t anymore, inform the couple right away.


(2) Do double check if children are invited.

[From: An Intimate Wedding at Peak Lookout with Beautiful FloralsJenny Tong Fine Art Photography]


Some invitations specify whether it’s an adult only event, others don’t, or are vague. You can check the allotted seats in the invitation and if it accounts for your children. Or, simply ask the couple to be sure.


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A Gorgeous and Stunning Engagement Shoot in London

Hello, ladies! Today, we’ve got a special treat for you as we bring you to one of the most beautiful places in the world–London. Adrian looked so dashing while Mandy simply exuded elegance and grace. Their gorgeous engagement shoot took place in some of the stunning sites in the city but my favorite would be their photos shot at the Mayfield Lavender Farm. The view is just breathtaking! Check these lovely snaps from Jenny Tong Fine Art Photography and fall in love with London even more.

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The Look



    5 Gorgeous Flower Crown Styles That Make Perfect Hair Accessories

    Ever since I was a child, I loved the look of enchanted characters from books and movies in their flowing dresses and flower crowns. Bride’s today love flower crowns, too–and with good reason! There’s a natural charm to them that is undeniably attractive and inviting. You can’t deny the effect of a flower crown on a maiden’s head. It’s an elegant hair accessory that transforms its bearer into a beguiling lady. To show you exactly what we mean, here are a few gorgeous flower crown styles to ogle at. Enjoy!


    In Full Bloom

    Here are some flower crowns that are filled with a lot of greens and blooms, a popular choice among brides. What makes this style a much loved one is the way it beautifully frames the face, drawing attention to that bridal glow.

    [Photos: MS Bridals, Savour Productions, Lukas Chan Photo Lab, Wedding Gallery Studio]


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    Chinese Wedding Traditions: Hair Combing Ceremony

    Today, Chinese traditions and family customs that have been passed on for generations remain to be an important part of Hong Kong weddings. One of these important Chinese traditions is the hair combing ceremony. This tradition dates back to ancient times and symbolizes the transition into adulthood. Originally, it was conducted when a male reached his 20’s, and for females, at around 15 years of age. After this ceremony, a young man or woman was deemed ready for marriage. Through the years, this tradition evolved and became a pre-wedding ritual. Planning on including the hair combing ceremony to your pre-wedding traditional activities? Here’s what you need to know.

    [Photo via @clarissalum]

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