3 Reasons Why These Intricate Lace Wedding Gowns Totally Work

Every time I come across lace gowns, I instantly fall in love with the grace each one brings as it hangs on a brides-to-be’s body. I’m always so captivated by the details and how the light plays with the sheer fabric. Today, I have my eyes particularly set on Zuhair Murad‘s Bridal Spring 2018 Collection. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll see that there’s so much to love about each and every piece he’s made. Let this collection convince you to grab a lace wedding gown now! Here are three reasons why these intricate lace wedding gowns totally work.


(1) The detailed beauty lace brings will make any bride look extra elegant and refined.

There’s no denying the elegance that lace brings to the table. There’s an air of refinement any time a lady clad in lace walks into a room.

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7 Reasons Why Amanpulo Proves to Be the Most Beautiful Wedding Destination Island

A few weeks ago, the Bride and Breakfast team had the opportunity to visit Amanpulo, an island located Southwest of Manila, Philippines. This famous resort is known for its immaculate beaches, breathtaking views, and promise of a private and exclusive experience. After just three days on the island, we can attest to its esteemed reputation.

Photos: Pat Dy Photography

In fact, we’re still on a high—the experience was that incredible! Moreover, we discovered that Amanpulo is also THE most beautiful, premiere wedding destination island. And to prove it to you, here are seven reasons why.


(1) The scenery of the sea and sky is a feast for the eyes.

First and foremost, the beach in Amanpulo is an absolutely breathtaking sight that will instantly take you by surprise. When we arrived, we were greeted by an endless stretch of pristine white sand and a bright, watercolor-like blue green sea. And when dusk approaches, the we watched the sky envelope the island in pastel shades of pink and purple. No matter how you choose to dress it up, you know your wedding will always be stunning alongside the island’s scenery.

Photos: Pat Dy Photography

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A Lovely Outdoor Engagement Shoot in London

This pre-wedding shoot makes London look sunny and radiant compared to it’s widely known melancholic atmosphere. Believe me when I say that this shoot is just absolutely stunning! The young couple, Yan and Alvin, surely look like they can’t get enough of each other, and their charming moments are beautifully captured by the talented Terry Li. Looking at their engagement photos, it’s as if you’re taken into a tour of the quintessential London–there’s the London Bridge, red telephone booths, old inns, and more! Be sure to scroll down below and see for yourself. Cheerio!


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The Look



14 Tips on How to Save on Floral Decoration Costs

You’re working with a really tight wedding budget, but you don’t want to have bare-looking ceremony and reception venues. What is a bride to do? Well, you can start off by reading today’s article! Yes, we have the answers to your dilemma. We talked to expert florists and asked them for some advice on the matter and they’ve given us (and YOU) really helpful tips when it comes to saving cost on floral decoration. So, worry no more and listen to the wise words of these stylists now!


Angela’s Floral and Wedding Design

  • You don’t need to use a lot of flowers in the arrangement. Select a minimal amount of big flowers with lots of seasonal greeneries, plants, or herbs, like Eucalyptus. These are very fresh greens and they smell good, too.
  • We always suggest to our clients to re-use outdoor wedding ceremony flowers for banquet decorations.  For example, the flower pillars can be moved to the stage. The chair flowers can also be rearranged the as the dining table centerpiece. This avoids duplicates of decor that spikes up the cost.
  • The dining table centerpiece could be one of the highest cost decor in a wedding. One way to lower the price is to use many tiny vases with one or two stems of seasonal flowers or greeneries alongside tea candles in lieu of one big flower arrangement. This will definitely bring down the price tag!


Flos On the Folk

[Photos: Jada Poon Photography]

  • Discuss your budget and specifications with the florist at the onset. Your florist also needs to know all the guidelines–such as style and color palette–as early as possible. It would be great, too, if you allow some creative freedom to your florist for as long as it fits your budget.
  • Consider green or non-floral decoration as an alternative. Want to break away from the tradition and cut costs? Try an arrangement full of greenery instead of flowers. It can achieve the look at a lower cost without sacrificing style.
  • Pinterest is popular go-to site among brides-to-be nowadays, yet do avoid asking the florist to replicate the exact flower arrangement in reference photos. Instead, look into the references carefully and try to find out why you like them. Then the florist can arrange the flowers according to your feel and have the chance to use seasonal flowers in an economical way.


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