13 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses with Feminine Details

There’s no better way to open the weekend than with a Fashion Friday feature! I always look forward to the inspiration that arrives on Fridays and today’s collection is definitely making its way to my favorites list. Elie Saab‘s Bridal 2018 Collection is a divine array of gowns with the most feminine details you can imagine! The intricacy in design and delicate craftsmanship make each piece a stellar choice for any bride who wants to strut the aisle in grace and perfection. Mark my words, ladies! You don’t want to miss out on this.

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7 Questions You Need to Ask When Planning Your Dream Honeymoon Trip

Hi brides! We know you’re all busy planning your wedding. But hey, don’t forget to plan for your honeymoon as well! It’s your first trip as Mr and Mrs and it’s something to really look forward to. So, don’t forget to discuss this with your husband-to-be and start making your dream honeymoon trip a reality! To help you out a bit on the process, here are seven questions you need to ask yourselves (and answer, together) when planning your first trip and husband and wife.

[From: An Enchanting Outdoor Engagement in Tuscany | Photo: Hugh’s Hue]



(1) What is your budget?

[From: Beloved Barcelona | Photo: Hyvis Tong Design and Photography]

Before you even start planning, you need to set your budget. This will define everything, from the actual destination to the activities, and even your length of stay. So, sit down as a couple and define your final budget for the entire trip and start from there.


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A Classic Wedding with a Burgundy and Light Gray Color Theme

If you’re thinking that this couple looks familiar, it’s probably because you saw their stunning engagement in Taiwan. Well, to add to that beautiful feature, we have their wedding as today’s inspiration. Saba and Dustin’s magical wedding was full of both fun moments and touching scenes that encapsulate a wedding that is truly heartwarming. Storyteller Studio made sure to capture all the pretty details as well allowing us to fully appreciate the grey and red color palette. Make way for this wedding today because it’s surely going to get you excited!

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The Look



16 Unique Wedding Bands for You and Your Husband-to-Be

Weddings bands are forever. This symbolic piece of jewelry is something something of great value to couples. Since that is the case, why not make your wedding bands unique and fun? Break away form traditional styles and try out new designs that stand out and reflect your personalities. Here are some eye-catching examples you can take a look at. Enjoy!



Try something new and different! There are many modern wedding band designs that come sleek and sophisticated styles. If you’re looking for a more edgy look for you and your husband-to-be, here are some options we’re sure you’ll like.

Image sources (top to bottom, left to tight): Stag Head Designs, Lolide, Seababe Jewelry


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A Pretty Coral, Peach, and White Wedding

The color scheme of coral, peach, and white do go together quite smashingly. Belle and Ivor‘s nuptials were so well-coordinated in these light and gorgeous hues. From all the floral creations by Simply Grand Production, to the bridesmaids’ matching delicate printed dresses from Jenny Yoo, and even the dessert buffet food from Phoenix Sweets, were all made to match! Thanks to Hyvis Tong for these beautiful photos whose post-processing even goes with the palette of the entire wedding. How great is that? Everything sure is prettier in pink! Take a look!

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The Look