16 Teapot and Teacup Sets for Your Tea Ceremony from Taobao

The traditional tea ceremony is such a special wedding custom. I always pay close attention to photos of this part of the wedding because I’m always overwhelmed by the deep-rooted culture behind this humble act, and I love the whole meaning behind it. I’m also attracted the teapots and tea cups–believe it or not, I love looking at the designs and details! Of course, the tea set is the hero of the whole ceremony, so having the perfect one is of absolute importance. Now, if you haven’t gotten one yet, today is your lucky day. We’ve made a list 16 tea sets from Taobao that are simply adorable–from traditional red designs, to modern and floral ones. Finally, to add more excitement to your day, Taobao has a special sale for the Single Festival on November 11! You know what to do. Scroll and note your fave and mark your calendars now!


Traditional Red

[Price: RMB$165 for 1 teapot & 6 cups | Shop Link]


[Price: RMB$135 for 1 teapot & 6 cups | Shop Link]


[Price: RMB$55 for 10 pieces | Shop Link]


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An Elegant Photo Session in The Upper House

Photos are definitely a must when it comes to your wedding–I mean, who doesn’t want to remember such an important time of their lives fondly? Thanks to Galleria Vermeer, we get to see Crystal and Alvin serve us some stylish looks with their stunning shoot in The Upper House! What caught my eye were Crystal’s dress choices–the white, off-shoulder gown suits her perfectly, while the lace detailed dress makes her look so angelic! The charming couple puts their love on display along with such a scenic view of the city. I don’t want to keep you so go ahead and browse through!

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The Look



Vintage-Inspired Dresses That are Effortlessly Elegant

Out with the old and with the new is a common saying. But that is not always the case, especially when we talk about vintage style. Even in weddings, vintage looks and wedding details are still very much alive! There’s something just so effortlessly classy about vintage style and fashion–from the lace play and the fabric details, to the makeup and the chic accessories, I could go on all day! But first, let’s focus on dresses. Yes, vintage-inspired dresses are taking over the day! So here’s a roundup of some gorgeous picks that we prepared for you. Get ready for wedding dress inspiration at its finest! Enjoy.

From: Temperley London Bridal Spring 2018 Collection

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Important Duties of the Maid of Honor

Your sister/cousin/BFF bride-to-be just chose you to be her Maid of Honor! Hooray! More than being a very touching gesture, it also undeniably sounds a bit pressuring. What exactly will you contribute to the wedding? Honestly, it can be a bit tricky, since not all brides will expect the same thing out of their MOH. The best thing you can do is ask, but it’s also nice to know some of the traditional roles that you might do prior and during the big day. Take some notes, darlings!

[From: Stunning Sophistication / Photo: History Studio]


1. Planning the bridal shower. How exciting! There are so many fun things you’ll think of doing to celebrate and honor your best friend, but the best way to go is to consider what the bride will like the most. Talk to the rest of the bridesmaids and brainstorm the best way to make this one of the best days ever!


2. Choosing the Dress. Bridal gown fittings can be confusing, especially when your friend is going for RTW or when she doesn’t know what style looks good on her yet. Expect some fun times and unleash your inner fashionista!

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An Elegant Traditional Wedding at St. Regis Macao

What a beautiful wedding to wake up to! Before you head out, let me tell you a bit more about it. Shirley and Cyrus tied the knot in St. Regis Macao. Their wedding was decked with the most beautiful colors. The golden interiors of the hotel paired with the maroon and old rose color theme resulted in a celebration full of regal elegance. Shirley wore four gorgeous dresses on her special day with stunning shoes to go with them, and Cyrus was as dapper as ever. And finally, the reception was extra pretty because of the backdrop full of flowers. I can’t hide the excitement this wedding brings. I’m sure you’ll feel the exact same way as soon as you start scrolling. So, come on over and go through all the photos taken by Dots Production now.

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The Look