A Dreamy and Captivating Boudoir in Provence

Whisk yourself into a dreamlike world of the artist’s soul in this boudoir. There is something about two equally artistic beings collaborating that conjures a sense of profoundness, in just about anything they touch. Ivy, as she reflects finesse and flawless artistry in her creations, and Lukas as he beautifully captures all this in still shots–a tasteful undertaking not worthy to be missed. An embodiment of delicateness, femininity, and a captivating atmosphere, this set is everything you would want out of fine elegance and subtle elation.

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7 Wedding Ceremony Setups That Will Leave You Breathless

Just as important as your bridal gown is the ceremony setup where the saying of your “I Dos” take place. With the help of your own style aesthetic, bring yourself to choose a location that will perfectly encapsulate that very special moment in time. Here are some spectacular setups that will surely fill you with the inspiration you need!


1. Walking on Water

This has got to be my personal favorite! Water holds such allure and a sense of peacefulness that I think will truly complement the significance of your big day.

[From: A Breathtaking Blush Wedding at the Bvlgari Resort / Photos: Terralogical]

[From: Breathtaking Destination Wedding That Overlooks the Sea / Photos: Hilary Chan Photography]

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Beautiful Red and Gold Accessories to Go with Your Qun Gua

Ladies, if you remember, we have already done an article about Gorgeous Gold Necklaces You Can Wear with Your Qun Gua. However, since we all know that there are a lot more accessories out there than just the necklace, we decided to round up other pretty pieces you can opt to style your Qun Gua with. Today, I will be sharing with you red and gold accessories that will add a delightful touch to your Qun Gua. I made sure to include traditional pieces, trendier ones, and everything in between, so as to cover your different style preferences. You decide for yourself which ones you like best!


1. Bags

Every lady needs a bag to carry her personal items, makeup, and the like. These gorgeous red bags with subtle hints of gold come in varying shapes and sizes, but I totally think each and every one is perfect for that momentous day!


[Photo: Fashionphile]

[Photo: Labellov]

[Photo: Lyst]

[Photo: ModeSens]

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Hotel Wedding with an Intimate Dinner Reception at Assaggio Trattoria Italiana

If you and your husband-to-be have a favorite restaurant and are eyeing a small, intimate wedding, why not hold your reception in your favorite dining place? Jessie and Ivan made sure they didn’t miss out on the good food at Assaggio Trattoria Italiana for their Big Day–and what a great idea this was! They had their ceremony at the Regal Oriental Hotel first, then they held their reception dinner after. They keep only the essentials as decor but made sure every one gathered for a feast to remember. Good food makes everyone happy so were quite certain that this couple and their guests thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. Many thanks to Fermat Photography for bringing this lovely wedding to our doorstep.

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Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Wedding Jewelry

What intrigues me about the Chinese pre-wedding traditions is the bride’s beautiful attire–from her Qun Gua, all the way to her gold jewelry. Each part of a bride’s traditional Chinese attire is so full of meaning that it makes the whole ensemble so, so special. We’ve already examined the Qun Gua and its origins, so today we’re going to find out more about the gorgeous gold accessories a bride wears on her wedding day.

[From: Heartwarming Cream-colored Wedding at Hyatt Regency Shatin / Photos: MC Photography]

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