Am I Taking Good Care of My Skin? Find Out Now.

To get effortless bridal beauty, you must take extra care of your skin, day in and day out. In fact, even after the wedding, it’s best if you remain vigilant about your daily skincare regimen. If in case you’re wondering if your daily routine is a healthy practice, here’s a quick guide for all of you.

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A Crimson Garden Wedding with a Chic Macramé Arch

Today we are welcomed with a bright and bold union that is full of happiness, laughter and of course, love. Ivy and Alfred‘s garden wedding at the Beas River Country Club is nothing short of delightful. We see both, the bride and groom, enjoying the pre-wedding games and ceremonies, and shortly after, falling into sweet romance as soon as Ivy walks down the aisle. We also love the vibrance the color red brings against the garden greens. Let Emma Fok Photography take over a few minutes of your time with her wonderful photos of this celebration






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The Look


A Timeless and Tropical Phuket Wedding

It’s all in the details… so they say. But I for one must agree on this after seeing the gorgeous nuptials of Andrew and Jennifer shot by Mambo Photography. There’s just that added magic when everything comes together from the most intricate bead on the bride’s hair accessory, to the carefully matched bouquets of the bridal party and even the gold birdcage accents at the reception! It is only when one looks at the bigger picture after taking into consideration all the details that make it up, does the true masterpiece reveal itself! Against the landscape of this fresh and fun Phuket resort, this wedding will leave one with a large smile and dreamy eyes long after viewing these photos!

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The Look



31 Classically White Looks for the Stunning Bride

A woman loves her options which is why we will be presenting 31 of them to you through Divine Atelier‘s 2017 Collection! Whether you’re on the lookout for something sweet and traditional or bohemian and unconventional in aesthetic, you’ll find something to love here! The best part is that all these gorgeous pieces are made from a radiant white, sure to bring out your very best features! What are you waiting for? Scroll on through!





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When Dating Gets Serious, What Qualities Should I Be Looking Out for in a Potential Life Partner?

Getting married is a big leap in life and choosing a lifetime partner is a matter that should not be left to chance. Really, it boils down to you and your choice. Now, before we dive into the topic, let’s put things into proper perspective. There are a gazillion of qualities that are ideal in a life partner and preferences do vary per person. We can’t talk about all the qualities out there, so today, we will focus on qualities that are important in the realm of conflict. Why, you may ask? Well, there is no perfect person and there is no perfect relationship. Therefore, conflict is inevitable. And in the many years that you will be spending together, conflicts and challenges will come your way. Hence, you may want to watch out for a partner with qualities that will aide in overcoming these challenges.



[From: Provençal Countryside Engagement / Photo: Darren Lebeuf]


(1) Respectful

A partner that respects you accepts you for who you are, including your shortcomings, and values your difference in opinion and interests. Respect opens a mutual space for each individual in the relationship to continue to grow. Without respect, the tendency is to become controlling, an act that stunts your partner’s growth and leads to resentment. The lack thereof, therefore, is a catalyst to even more problems. On the other hand, when a relationship is reflective of respect, couples are more in tune with each other as separate beings. They are able to manage differences and constructively resolve issues even with separate perspectives.

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