A Romantic Seaside Pre-wedding Shoot

Somewhere between the earth and sea, surrounded by rocky terrain and beckoning waves, Julxy and Michael had an intimate engagement shoot. They strolled along the rocky shores hand in hand, and they savoured the ocean breeze as caught Julxy’s veil and wrapped the lovers in a sweet embrace. Aside from the romantic scenes of the two, the details of this pre-wedding shoot were also so beautiful. I love Julxy’s lace dresses and Michael’s matching look. And the beautiful bouquet that the bride-to-be was holding was made by Julxy herself! Also we cannot stop looking at the silk ribbons from Water Lilies Styling. We have La French Touch Photography to thank for bringing this special couple our way.

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How to Pull Of a Sexy Wedding Dress and Still Look Elegant

In recent season collections, designers have been coming up with gorgeous wedding gowns that reveal a little more skin, and hug and emphasize women’s curves a little more than what your parents, more so your grandparents, may be used to. Plunging necklines, sheer fabric, high hemlines, and even bare backs are hot trends today. So, the question many brides face nowadays is, “How do you wear such a gown without causing a ruckus among the parents, grandparents, and aunties and uncles?” Well ladies, here are a few tips to help you pull of that sexy wedding dress you have your eyes on without scandalizing the conservative members in the family.


Sheer Fabric

[Photos: Mira Zwillinger, Carolina Herrera, Lihi Hod, Mira Zwillinger, Limor Rosen]

A subtle, sexy style that goes with any body type and is, therefore, a very popular choice among brides, is sheer or nude fabric with sparse embellishments such as lace or appliqué. This style gives the illusion of revealing a lot of skin. To keep it tasteful, opt for designs with larger cut-outs or panels so that you have a little more coverage.

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A Cozy Rooftop Wedding in Hong Kong

I haven’t seen a wedding as cozy as this in a while, and it’s also extra gorgeous, by the way. Eilidh and Will got married in a small open rooftop in Duddell’s adorned with a lot of greens and warm canopy lights. The reception that followed was also in the same green and white color theme mimicking the fresh and natural feel of the outdoors. To spice it up a little, the couple opted for some quirky details like Eilidh’s shoes, and the groomsmen’s Adidas Originals attire. Walk this way and browse more or Patrick Photography‘s photos get caught up on this sweet and simple union with is!

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How to Manage Your Traditional Parents When Planning a Modern Wedding

Times have changed, and weddings have evolved from the time your parents got married. And though some parents have open minds about new ways of doing things even when it comes to your wedding, others insist on sticking to old ways. Brides today oftentimes find themselves in stressful situations when planning a modern wedding alongside their very traditional parents. Here are some tips on how to go about it. We can’t promise a smooth-sailing experience, but these suggestions will surely help!

[From: A Heartwarming Cream-Colored Wedding at Hyatt Regency Shatin / Photo: MC Photography]


(1) Communicate

[From: Traditional Blush-Themed Wedding at The Marco Polo / Photos: ]


In all relationships, communication is key. Hence, it is vital also when it comes to working with your parents and in-laws during wedding planning. Be honest and open with the things you want but also be open to their ideas and suggestions. Make a conscious effort to understand where they’re coming from and let them know as well your side. Take time to explain more so that they understand you more as well.

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A Dreamy Afternoon Engagement Shoot

Bright and early, I like to start my days on a high note. I like to look forward to the day ahead with a spark of joy and inspiration. Luckily, this pre-wedding photo collection by Joy’s foto did just the trick! Nancy and Bryan’s engagement shoot is dreamy and so full of love. I could feel every bit of their love as they traversed through the vast grasslands danced under the soft sunlight. Hand in hand, they seemed to drift further away from into their own little world taking us along with them. With this sight to open my day, I have no doubt the inspiration will spill over to everything else I have in store. Here’s to a great day!

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