A Grand Garden Wedding in Villa Cora, Italy

Today’s wedding is, indeed, a beautiful sight to behold! The Italian outdoors prove to be more than enough to make a wedding too captivating for words. Jessie and Samuel made no mistake by flying all this way to celebrate their momentous day. Aside from the breathtaking countryside, Villa Cora’s interiors also pose as a grand venue for a reception–the gold details and the 19th century French architecture fill the hall with so much elegance. Add the styling expertise of Terrain Styles and ingenuity of Stiatti Fiori  when it comes to floral design, and you have a beyond gorgeous wedding! Jada Poon captured this picturesque wedding perfectly, and our eyes are feasting on every photo to this very moment.

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Unique Gift Ideas to Thank Your Parents With

As they walk you down the aisle, your heart wells up with a deep sense of gratitude. For all they have done for you, you contemplate about how your parents deserve only the best. You desire to thank them with utmost generosity. From your heart to theirs, these unique gift ideas are perfectly sweet and thoughtful. Before leaving them and entering into your new life, show them your appreciation by thanking them with these love-filled gifts!

[From: A Delightful Wedding with Hints of Pink at Béthanie Chapel / Photo: Patrick Photography]



1. Personalized Art

Bring your artistic skills to life by creating a DIY gift for your parents. Think of a concept, list down the things you want to thank your parents for, gather up the materials you need, then start getting to work. You can also choose not to use words and instead, come up with an art (painting, drawing, sketch, collage) that embodies your love for your parents. This idea is inexpensive, easy, creative, and most of all, thoughtful.

[Photo from Dee Dee & Boo]


2. Album Through The Years

Instead of the usual video showcasing your childhood with your parents, why not turn to a touchable copy in the form of photographs? Collect photos of different milestones throughout your life and compile them into a DIY album. To add an even more personal touch, include side notes too. I’m sure your parents will be filled with love and happiness as they flip through those photos over and over.


[Photo from Ali Express]

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Captivating Outdoor Engagement Shoot in the Hokkaido Countryside

On days that seem so long and tiring, I like to fill myself with inspiration. Many times I find myself turning to weddings and engagements and so far, they have never failed me. Today’s pre-wedding photo collection by Angel Cheung is exactly what any one who is feeling down needs. As Coey and Kelvin romance in the gorgeous outdoors of Hokkaido, I feel as though I am witnessing their love story unfold before my very eyes. Every photo is undeniably romantic with the outdoors painting the perfect scene for the lovers. Check out Anka Story‘s video first, then don’t stop with just a few photos while viewing this engagement. Scroll until the very end to turn your day around now.

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The Look



A Charming and Romantic Pre-wedding Shoot in Hong Kong

Nothing compares to a stroll with nature surrounding you–made even better when the love of your life is right by your side. As Yin and Abbe move through the liberating harbor and refreshing greenery, the romantic within me is stirred. Everything about their engagement shoot has me feeling excited, with just a hint of nostalgia. Adding to the delight of it all are the delicate colors of pink and blue in this shoot, deeming themselves to be the classic choice for gent and lady, and for good reason. Lovely is the least I could say about this set. You too can get a glimpse of what took place, thanks to the beautiful shots of Tammy Shun.

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The Look


An Elegant and Stylish Bridal Portrait Session

When a stunning lady graces the website in an elegantly styled portrait session, you know you can expect loads of gorgeous photos to come your way! Today, we have Angel’s editorial photos by Mary Ann to give us exactly that. Every photo is teeming with the prettiest of details put together by Timeless Event Design–feminine dresses by Audella Bridal House, bold florals by JF Floral Couture, and stylish accessories by No. Thirty Three. Of important notice as well is the fresh-looking makeup and hair styling by Yoyo Yip. As a bride-to-be, you won’t want to miss out on this editorial shoot that is as captivating as can be!

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