Parisian Perfection

Excuse me, I just have to wipe away my tears at the sight of today’s pre-wedding feature. The sheer elegance and style evoked by Vanessa and Dicky against the backdrop of the most romantic city in the world is entirely something else! Claire Morris captured the breathtaking shots of the couple by some easily recognizable French locales like the Eiffel Tower, River Seine, and the Shakespeare and Company bookshop. This is pure romanticism on display!






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Inspiration Board: Moroccan Medley

If your day was lacking color, we’re here to inject a full dose of it with a new inspiration board! Moroccan culture has so many elements that one can incorporate on the Big Day that will leave a lasting and favorable impression. What makes it truly aesthetically pleasing is the vibrant color palette in shades of bright pinks, oranges, blues, and golds as well as the intricate motifs that can adorn geometric details in the ceremony and reception. Let this serve to show you a whole new world — one that is shining, shimmering, and nothing short of splendid!


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Pastel Showers

Today’s post-wedding feature on Emily and Johann brings us around and about scenic Hong Kong. We are fortunate enough to even be accompanied by their adorable furry friend. Shot by French Grey Photography, this set feels totally light and whimsical. I am enamoured by this new bride’s pale pink asymmetrical dress and the fresh arrangement of her bouquet. I would like to raise an imaginary glass to toast to this couple’s lasting happiness!






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The Look



Harmonious Bliss

Happy Monday, darlings! Cassie and Bryan’s delightful nuptials shot by Isa Photography are truly a cause for celebration as their dreamy palette of pale pinks, pearl whites, and muted metallics definitely inspire. Take a look at the bridesmaids flattering outfits: sabrina necklines coupled with welkin blue maxi skirts! I am loving the D.I.Y rustic looking display of the couples photos strung along wooden pegs and fairy lights. And who wouldn’t fawn at the sight of actual ponies? I think it’s safe to say that this feature has made my week!






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Fashion Friday: Caroline Hayden Fall 2016

This next collection is all about sophisticated cool — definitely something right up my alley! I just love, love, love the sleek lines, the unexpected silhouettes, and the tasteful embellishments. These set is what I’d imagine for a cosmopolitan girl who’s a romantic at heart! The subtle sprinkling of vintage details is also ingenious — from the ruffled collars to the demure capelets and, of course, the luxurious velvets. I’m officially obsessed!






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