Christmas Wishes

Lo and behold, it is Bride and Breakfast HK’s first Christmas! It’s been one crazy amazing year, so we just want to take a bit of time to send you all our heartfelt Christmas wishes. May you and your loved ones be blessed with a heart of gratitude as you cuddle under a blanket with some hot cocoa and look back at all the adventures this year has brought. We might not have a White Christmas in Hong Kong, but we wish that the true spirit of Christmas will fill your homes and hearts with lasting beauty, joy, and laughter.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, darlings!


Your Bride and Breakfast family


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Sun-Drenched Sweethearts

Christmas is right around the corner, but we definitely still have time for some pretty inspiration! Connie and Ivan were all aglow in their sun-drenched couple session with Savour Production. Comfortable and carefree, this is what a casual e-sesh looks like in our dreams. Get ready to bask in all the sunshine and sweet embraces, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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The Look



Peach Perfection

There are celebrations that just tug straight at your heartstrings, much like today’s beautiful outdoor wedding captured by Mary Ann. Maybe it’s the intimacy of a small reception or the abundance of thoughtful little details, or maybe it’s the unmistakable joy of the newlyweds — whatever it is that gets us, Tiffany and Wilkin’s big day was undeniably beautiful from all angles. My favorite details include Tiffany’s peach dress which perfectly complemented Wilkin’s indigo suit and that gorgeous floral arch that tied the whole look of the wedding together.

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The Look


Fashion Friday: Monique Lhuillier Bridal Fall 2016

The feelings that Monique Lhullier’s latest collection invokes is akin to taking a stroll through a romantic and opulent garden. This year, she uses floral motifs through rosettes, appliqués, beading, and embroidery to enhance classic silhouettes. Lhullier never fails to capture the allure of femininity in all her work; her dresses are sensual, elegant and flushed with a soft, ethereal color palette. Get ready to fall in love all over again!

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Inspiration Board: Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone recently announced Pantone 13-1520 Rose Quartz and Pantone 15-3919 Serenity as the Pantone Colors for 2016. We’re officially in love with the selection, so we created a color palette and inspiration board to share with you all today.

When it comes to creating a wedding palette, it is important to take note of variety and contrast while making sure the overall look is cohesive. So for today’s palette, we added two neutral shades two slightly darker ones in order to create depth. We also gathered a few photos from Instagram to help visualize different elements in a wedding where the colors could be applied. See how you feel about this palette, and let us know your thoughts below!

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