4 Style Inspirations from Weddings at One-thirtyone

One-thirtyone is a superb venue choice for a wedding–no wonder we’ve featured it several times already on the blog! First of all, the outdoor garden has a great view of the ocean which serves as a beautiful wedding backdrop. Second, the garden is just about the right size for an intimate gathering but can also […]

Honeymoon Hotspots Part II: 10 White Sand Beach Resorts in the Philippines That Fit Your Budget

The last time we talked about beaches, we gave you a roundup of affordable resorts in Bali. Today, we’re adding to that list, but this time, we’ve compiled breathtaking beaches from the Philippines. Yes, imagine pristine, white sand beaches with a gorgeous view of the ocean–what more can honeymooners ask for? And to make it even easier […]

35 Nail Art Designs You Can Rock at Your Wedding

Hi, brides! We have a fun feature for you today that’s all about nail art. Yes, your bridal look is not complete without pretty nail art! So, you need to find the perfect design that fits your personality and completes your bridal look. To help you out, we’ve put together 35 nail art designs that you […]

7 Reasons Why Amanpulo Proves to Be the Most Beautiful Wedding Destination Island

A few weeks ago, the Bride and Breakfast team had the opportunity to visit Amanpulo, an island located Southwest of Manila, Philippines. This famous resort is known for its immaculate beaches, breathtaking views, and promise of a private and exclusive experience. After just three days on the island, we can attest to its esteemed reputation. […]

14 Tips on How to Save on Floral Decoration Costs

You’re working with a really tight wedding budget, but you don’t want to have bare-looking ceremony and reception venues. What is a bride to do? Well, you can start off by reading today’s article! Yes, we have the answers to your dilemma. We talked to expert florists and asked them for some advice on the […]