Fashion Friday: 29 Stylish Dresses That Will Surely Make Heads Turn

In the course of the week, I’ve been quite lacking in the area of inspiration. The work week can get to us, and it’s during times like these that Fashion Friday is the hero of the weekend. Just in time, Rime Arodaky‘s 2017 Mystical Love Collection finds its way to us and instantly gives us the […]

Fashion Friday: 15 Beautiful Gowns That Will Make Your Jaws Drop

You’ve seen a lot of dresses, we have too. But we never tire of them, especially when they come in looking like this. Berta Bridal‘s Fall Winter 2017 Collection is a sultry assemblage full of feminine details and a hint of skin. Not one of these gowns will let you down on this fine Friday. So, […]

12 Gorgeous Bridal Gowns That Graced the Runway in 2016

One of the most–if not already the most–heart-stopping sources of bridal fashion inspiration is none other than Fashion Friday. Every week, we become audience to collections of great designers all over the world. From delicate and feminine gowns with intricate beadwork and lace details, to modern and edgy pieces with clean lines and crisp structure, Fashion Friday is […]

Top 10 Trends of Bridal Wear 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s the season for reflection and introspection on the year that was. In particular, we are going to look back at some of the biggest trends that have graced runways and showrooms of fashion’s most esteemed designers. We have narrowed it down to ten trends which have stuck out […]

Fashion Friday: Elie Saab Bridal Fall 2017

Friday is definitely a time for fashion awakening! If you felt like you’ve fallen behind over the week, well, we’re here to make sure you catch up on the best of bridal fashion. Today, you will have a grand time ogling at Elie Saab‘s Bridal Fall 2017 Collection. This collection is a demure line with just the right amount of […]